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Thur Sday

Slept In

Not sure I intended to, and I do remember waking early enough it was at least 06:00 possibly 05:00. However, simply rolled over and did go back to sleep. Bits and pieces of a dream, pocket knife going into a shirt pocket of scrubs at Hospital and my thinking I needed to call the CN to get it back out of laundry. In reality, once it's into laundry, not much for getting it back.
Photographically, this morning work is to assign dates to file names of Herself's pieces ready to print, then move them along to PrintReady folders.

Note Made to Google Plus
Ah, G Plus, why do you slow so down when I tap the 'plus sign' to tag or add someone to a post? I mean, like glacially.

Photographically Speaking

Running through image files, adding the file data as to who made which photographs while looking more or less specifically for ones Herself made. They are 'Print-ready' under her name. Found a few, appropriately dated them in the Print-ready folder. Now, to relocate them to the appropriate Print Ready folders on the appropriate dates.

Rest of the Day

Today the Accomplished List includes feed delivery, feed storage, and then replacing the tail light fixtures and one front turn signal fixture on Forrest Nissan Pickup. While I do not claim to be an internal combustion mechanic, this problem is Smoke and Wires, also known as electrical and that I do know. Overall the project took about two and a half hours. However, part of that is a trip into Archer to purchase replacement hardware. The original mounting screws, metric hex-head, very rusty and one, in fact, broke on removal. Actual work time probably an hour and fifty minutes for all three fixtures.

Then the Bros and I walked evening rounds, feeding cows, feeding horses, collecting eggs and then feeding the Bros. I'm waiting just a wee bit before feeding me, as Herself is off to Canton Meeting (SCA). Might not wait for her to get home, though. We'll see.

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