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I've spent this morning finding the websites of the handful or so of artists whose cards I snagged yesterday. It's networking. What? It is. I'm doing this on the 'net so it's networking. No, SRSLY! I mean, now I've got an idea how to bundle and price a set of greeting or note cards, eh?

Of course, I need to make such cards first. So much to do. Time, time, time, that's always the end of the line on questions. I've known this for years, because for those same years I've said I sell my time to Hospital, and that's how I make a living, and while knowledge and skills are valuable, they are so in part because that is what makes our time valuable to sell.

It's no surprise to me (continuing in this vein of selling time as it were) that the income, whatever amount, from Herself taking our Ranch produce of various and sundry to Farmers Markets is more consistently bringing in income than either of our artworks do. And she is an artist, not only photography also beadwork and semi-precious stone jewelry. She packs that along betimes to Farmers Markets as well, though less than once she did. With the Ranch Produce, we compete for the Grocery Money. That always comes before spending the Fun Money, because first we need to eat to even have fun.

Meanwhile, back at The Ranch...

It's a bit of a sideline thought here. I've pretty much kept things like employers, geographical references, and even our names under a layer of 'privacy' in public. This is fine in one sense, counterproductive in another when one is starting to promote ones artwork. At least, promoting the viewing and (hopefully) sale of such in Physical Space rather than Ethernet Space.

Employer, Hospital, will remain such. There are a lot of reasons why and only one is the whole fracas, if you're not familiar with it, of people posting things about their employers or fellow employees on social networking sites that results in their being dismissed from employment. I find it marvelously ironically humourous that Hospital on the one hand tells employees to remove Hospital's name from their 'Works At' field on Facebook, yet maintains several Facebook accounts of its own to communicate with employees.

The Ranch, now, and Baja Jorja, and all, that's a different thing. The Ranch is Kuma's Playpen Ranch. Seems a silly name, sometimes, and so sometimes I call it KP Ranch. Kuma the Rottweiler is the namesake; I mean, doesn't everyone buy some land in the country so their dog finds room to run? So we made the place his Playpen for running and playing and yes, even some working because Rottweilers are Herd Dogs, if you didn't know. Cattle herders, they are, descendants of cattle herding dogs the Roman Legions brought with them to bring the fresh meat the Legionaires would need.

Kuma's Playpen is located in rural North Central Baja Jorja, and thank you to my friend Bet Noir for that one; she knows how accurate a description 'Southern Georgia' is for this part of North Central Florida. Distintive traits, yes, and yet a strong blending with a lot of the characteristics of the next state due north of us. After all, hop into a car and drive north from Kuma's Playpen and in about an hour, hour and a half you'll be crossing the Florida-Georgia border.

The Internet, which by definition is net-working and the source of the whole concept of people working together to accomplish goals, can make it possible for someone located geographically in Rural North Central Baja Jorja (OK, Fine, I Just Like Saying Baja Jorja) able to provide certain products or services even internationally. So yes, looking up web sites that other artists established is networking.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, the morning coffee is pretty much consumed and the Horses, Goats, Hogs and Dirty Yard Birds (Chickens) are waiting for breakfast noms. Time to get dressed and go network with the livestock.

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