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Studio 318 Today

During the afternoon I put in time in Studio 318. Some of this time consisted of 'housekeeping' as in sweeping up more of the floor, folding up the big backdrop and hanging the smaller dark blue backdrop, suchlike things. With that done, I set up the D3000 and the wood sitting stool with a block on it, on top of the caster cart which came with the kilns. Then I started photographing a big one of the CRT monitors, both to study light, build image blocks, and clear space on the 'lighting cart' shelf unit. Overall spent probably four hours in there, with some of the time being before the feed delivery arrived, and most of it being afterward.

Currently I'm copying the files to the PC, assigning metadata, and converting files to TIFF for further study and manipulation. Once that's done, I'll copy those two folders to the USB drive for backup.

Interesting process. Using the AC powered Spira-Lite units with an optical sensor release, sometimes there is enough light coming from the on-camera flash and sometimes not. Now, to be right up there, the sometimes not is more often because I'm trying to either bounce or filter the on-camera flash. Today by on-camera flash I mean the built-in pop-up unit, since the prime purpose for the on-camera is to trigger the three off-camera via optical sensor.
More later, as it's almost time for dinner.

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