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Retrospective Done Things

Saturday, April 21, 2012, 14:57

Wrapping up the day at Hospital, my cell rang from Flair Lab. My D70s came back from the shop, cleaned up, tuned up, firmwared up, and costing a mere $320 to get out of hock. I stopped on the way home to do that. Still not fired it up for photographs, however, I did put one of the batteries into it. Needs a lens. And a subject. I priced, but did not purchase, a Secure Digital to Compact Flash conversion card for the D70s. They cost $30. Compact Flash are still available out there, though more camera companies are switching over to Secure Digital. SD are smaller, I expect this is why. Card speeds are coming up and this is one potential drawback of which I was unaware. SD cards are 'slower' than CF cards. One way the companies overcome this is to put two SD slots into the camera (I've seen this).

For my Studio work, this is probably not a problem. Just make me slow down a bit. For action photography, say the New Kids kinds of shooting, this could be a problem. Except, according to the fellow at Flair, that's why the companies are putting two cards into new cameras.


I didn't wake Herself for Market this morning. In retrospect, she expected me to do so. On the other hand, she didn't set her own alarm. And weather was fine for the market hours, so would have been a good day. On the other hand, we got things done here on the Ranch. The egg incubator is cleaned out (at least preliminary clean). The gate post for the short gate at the west end of the Youngster Pen is set. Will hand the gate tomorrow, I expect. And I set a post to be one of the corners of Herself's garden, up near our private road and defining on which side to park a motor home/recreational vehicle. Started laundry by working on a quilt, then one of the yard bird comforter covers. There's a blanket needs put in next. And the phone just reminded me it's time to go check.

I might shut computer down in a bit. Thunder outside. We will see.

Saturday, April 21, 2012, 17:21
More Saturday

Sorting through stacks of envelopes and such on my desk; taking things to the shredder or the files. More going to the shredder than to the files, which is fine. Herself is using shredded paper as bedding for the chicks indoors holding, waiting to be big enough to move back outdoors in larger digs.

Saturday, April 21, 2012, 19:18
Still More Saturday

Still sorting through old envelops incoming mail, some of which is tax-related and much of which wasn't. Anything not tax-related went through the shredder or into the trash, with a few pieces saved for some reason. Very few, though. Unearthed a small handful of calendars I kept because of the photography on them. Bagged up the paper shreds because as mentioned we need to change bedding for a clutch of new chicken chicks, and shredded paper makes very good bedding for them. In between all of this, at measured intervals, also walked over to Studio 318 and the laundry room to do laundry. That's an ongoing chore, more to finish up tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 2012, 08:04
Morning is for Coffee

Rain persisted through the night, mostly unnoticed as I slept. Still, woke once and lay there wondering why, when I heard one long, low rumbling peal of thunder. Within 10 seconds Mr. Houdini joined me in the bed. Herself told me later she heard him come skittering out of the kitchen, so she suspects he went to steal kitty kibbles. Says, that's what happens when stealing kitty kibbles, the Sky Grumblers come looking for you...

We received maybe 1.25 cm/0.5inch rain. Some thunder (see above) in the distance, enough to make Border Collie Bros anxious and not enough to threaten equipment. So I never did shut down the computer last afternoon or evening. When I got into the office this morning, music still playing, though quietly. Nice way to start the day. Music and Coffee.

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