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Day. Oh.

Tried connecting to the WildBlue (my sky internet provider) to pay the bill. Sit can not load, a re-direct loop. After a round of calls to WildBlue support, the result is they say it's all on my side and probably my antivirus software. They also said, don't pay the bill within three days before or after the cycle date though not why I shouldn't. I suspect more bugs in their software. Now I receive an e-mail that my bill is ready to be viewed. However, I've not tried viewing it yet this morning. While service is fairly good, this whole business about billing and payments started going a bit sour last year when an upgrade to their billing software wouldn't allow my payment to be made.

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 07:53
Did try to access the Manage Wild Blue site, still can't get there due to redirect error. Cleared off cookies again (though not All Cookies).

Today's session with S is most probably rescheduled due to family needs. May or not come by to look at photos from previous session and discuss those, this we talked about briefly in an IM session but isn't totally clear to me. If yes, great. If not, great. I will work on things for the Ranch and photograph the monitor another round, though I'm not sure which camera I'll use yet. I am currently charging the second battery for the D70s. Been almost a week since I got it back from the shop and I've still not made photographs with it. So I may change that today, though it will be a good thing also to do the second round of this monitor with the D3000 for continuity of equipment. Then change up cameras for the second monitor.

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 16:36
Windsor Zucchini Festival
We are confirmed for the May 12 Windsor Zucchini Festival in booth # 44. The Caprihaven & KP Ranch folks (us) will be in booth # 45. Go team! This event benefits the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department. Doesn't mean they get a portion of my proceeds. Means my booth fee benefits the Volunteer Fire Department.

Daily Progress
Feed delivered, check written. Hog feed unloaded into barrel; we needed to go purchase a bag of alfalfa pellets as they were left off the order. About to go out to store the cow feed. Then we should contemplate pouring at least one barrel of goat I suppose. Gate at the west end of Kid Paddock is now mounted on post; panel is tied off to post and I should most likely set a t-bar there and tie off to that as more secure. We will see; an alternative is to re-set the entire line of panels and start at the gate post end.

No photography work other than this morning sorting through some files and then clearing the card in the point & shoot. Still, all in all a good day.

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