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Esoteric Oddness Related To Some Photographic Display

Apparently (based on a couple posts I've just seen) one of the features over on the LJ side of the Looking Glass is about to be revamped/go away. Ah, well, once again empirical evidence that the only true constant in the Universe is Change. What it means for me, personally, I suppose, is I need to review the photograph storage business over there on the LJ side of the Looking Glass, and clean it out myself before any changes are made. I am not sure, really, if I shall avail myself of the use the convenient Repost Button feature in those posts; if I do they will appear there, not here.

This will result in a small multitude of broken links to image postings, and those so far back in the blogosphere stream I doubt it's much worth my while to dig through and fix them in any way. On the other hand, if you, the viewer/reader happen to keep any records of those posts as some sort of favorite, and would like me to fix one for that reason, let me know. Specifics. And I'll see about fixing it. Meanwhile... it's time to Feed the Ranch Sunday Breakfast. Or Brunch. Not sure if the goats care if it's called breakfast or brunch, really.

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