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When Time Off Isn't

Today is the unofficial first day of a week off from Hospital. It is unofficial because after all I am usually off on Saturn Day anyway. What I've done on my day off is get up at the usual Oh Dark Hunnert, load Forrest Nissan Pickup with gear and goods, transport Herself to Haile Village Centre Farmers & Craft Market. There we did the usual setup, and I returned to the Ranch to feed Horses, Goats, and Hogs in that order. Along with some exercise for the Bros.

Followed this with back to the Market to help strike the setup and re-load the gear and remaining goods, then transport Herself home again, home again jiggidy jig jig. Park Forrest, unload the gear and remaining goods, and into House to escape from the heat for a bit. Now, here is where we diverge a wee bit from a normal day off.

Napped. Short one, yes, and apparently well done.

Up again, and the first round of laundry into the wash machine for long soaking. These are the over-blanket (a light one) and the quilt which has been on the bed, and needing the soaking because Houdini decided we are once again into Inside Dog Season. That's why the over-blanket, as it helps keep the quilt from getting very dirty. Border Collies seem to attract sand, somehow. Even with regular brushings and such.

Bit of on-line research planning on some equipment purchases, postponed for a variety of reasons and now getting to be a good time for it. More on that later. Just now, it's time to walk back to the North Wing, aka Studio 318 and the Laundry Room to kick the washer back into agitation mode, after which it will sit and continue soaking those bed covers.

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