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Ranch, Photography, Picasa

Moon Day

Sold some kids on Monday. Specifically 13 doelings from our herd, and 1 buckling at 4 months from B's herd. The refurbished holding pen worked OK, though still a bit big and we wound up trapping the doelings in the corner opposite the gate. On the other hand, as small as they are this worked OK to snag and hand-carry them into his trailer. Also, we both are convinced we counted at least 14 doelings in there when we moved them on Sunday; however, small as some may have been one could have slipped between a gap in panels. The buckling loaded up without much fuss at all; people there, two doelings already in the trailer, he'd just been in a trailer, he may have seen other goats getting into trailers. No worries, no matter what. So he only came to stay with us for 2-3 days max.

Ranch chores and a run into Williston to Sparr for ranch related equipment before that. I got a second hose to put out by the buck pen so we can stop driving over the other hose, plus a wye to help with that. Plus a light chain to be the latch on the west end buckling pen gate, and a couple clips to hold the gate on the holding pen (now not immediately needed but will free up the lighter clips there). And a roll of 2x4 wire fabric to be the tops and bottoms of Dirty Yardbird Tillers, since we've got chicks hatching both here and at Beth's, and other birds that need containment to keep the Garden safe. Herself didn't go to Tioga Market yesterday for the combination of working on cages and then the kid roundup. She also gave me $100 back from the kid sales to cover the tiller supplies purchases. I've tucked that into Studio money. Shameless of me, I know. Vicarious as well. It really needs to be deposited into the Ranch checking account. Later.

Got started on the matting and mounting in the afternoon, after Ranch chores and interrupted by the Roundup. I figured Monday to be primarily setup and organisation day and this proved to be mostly true. Big table set up, by the window, mat cutter laid out on it. Counted up all the prints on hand needing mounts and mats, measured to help determine mat size. Three prints of my work with small white margins top and bottom worked nicely in a pre-cut double-mat, so those are now mounted and matted though not sleeved yet. Working on the matting will give me indications what I need to help with this process.

Then another run to Williston for very light groceries (wound up at Winn Dixie though initially planned on Hitchcock's) and pizza for dinner.

Sun Day

On Sunday I fired up Picasa (Google's 'free' image organisation/editing/uploading software) as I'm checking it out to see how well it suits my needs for organisation. One of the features is that Picasa will scan through the designated photograph library and apply facial recognition algorithms to 'suggest' names. The package prefers to go to on-line contact lists, but will take manual entry. I opted for the latter.

In the library I apparently am able to claim something along the order of 50-60 thousand recognisable faces. Recognisable is a relative term on two counts. There are some blurry pics in there (either the primary subjects themselves, or in the background) which make it hard for me to identify who they are, and faces in sculptures as well. George and teh Boys, my Bro-in-Law's reference for Mount Rushmore, for example provided George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and there are some other sculptures in my library as well as people wearing masks.

Once the names are listed, while continuing to work Picasa will then provide a batch of suggestions: Is this George Washington? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and the latter are occasionally humourous.

One thing I will be extremely cautious about is the batch upload feature. Since there are more than a few people who've modeled for me that wish to retain anonymity, or who commissioned me for private works (that are still within my library, as part of my portfolio since I retain the right to use those private works in reference display for other private commissions), there are photographs I do not want uploaded.

In short, the jury is still out on Picasa as an image file management tool.

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