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Zucchini Festival, Recap

Friday headed out shortly after making the previous entry, including the stand in the car. The trip is approximately (plus/minus less than a mile) 70 miles round trip. Setup took very little time for me, as the pavilion is easy. Up and staked down before D showed up. Helped him set up their brand new pavilion. Then home.

Saturday morning up at 05:00, out and packing up by 05:20, on the road by 06:10 which isn't bad considering Herself hadn't yet done her jewelry packing. She was busy baking. Loaded up her two entries for the Cook a Zucch contest as well, and made it to site in good time to off-load and set up before opening. Bit of help for a couple things on D & B's pavilion, with two banners up for Caprihaven Goats and Kuma's Playpen Ranch. Both the ladies came later because they took care of the respective family farm/ranch establishments. Gotta feed those goats, eh.

Summary of the rest of the day: this event does pull a big local crowd. We'd heard around 4000 attendees as their estimate, and I'll go with that. Saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. KP Ranch and Caprihaven Goats did a really good business, with the first round of assorted savory zucchini breads Herself sent along being quite nearly sold out before she arrived near noon. And, sold out of the remainder before the end of the day, plus a big portion of the two styles of cookies she made (oatmeal zucchini chocolate chip, and zucchini chocolate chip) as well as the Zucchini Brownie Bites. Less of those sold, though.

Also, Herself and B entered items into the Cook a Zucch contest, as mentioned. B entered into candies with a dish made with zucchini and goats milk. Herself entered larger loaves of two of her savory zucchini breads, Zucchini Bread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Bacon Bits and Goats Cheese and Zucchini Bread with Red Crushed Bell Peppers and Goats Cheese. Both ladies received Third Place ribbons in their categories. Herself received ribbons for each bread, because the folks running the contest decided the Bacon Bits loaf is an Appetizer while the Bell Peppers a bread.

Studio 318 made booth fee with the sale of one print of Dryad Dreams, and a matched set beaded necklace and earrings. That's our exciting news.

Enjoyed the event for all that, and there are plans already for next year. Along with the two sales, did get to visit with a lot of people, helped one not really a photographer with a problem with the camera he was using. I say not really because he told me he works with a local radio station that covers the event and they'd sent him around with this camera to take some publicity photos. Camera stopped taking pictures, built-in flash wouldn't pop up. Not that familiar with a Canon Rebel, but I told him to turn it off (He says, I already tried that) and pop the battery out and back in.

He did, and it worked.

Houdini is now telling me that after a week of Stays Home Days he is quite upset that I went away All Day yesterday, and is staying right next to me, no matter where I go. Today I need to send myself, or otherwise update the inventory file, and catch up with some other book keeping. In between doing laundry, probably.

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