madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Week Off Of Hospital, Accomplished

1. Holding pen refurbished, smaller, with shade shelter and water for both sides of drive road.
2. Kids rounded up, sold and transported.
3. Half of Old Hog Pen panels taken down. Old Hog Pen cleaned out slightly, scraps of treewood stacked to burn. Next old pen over panels removed. Single panel ready to excavate.
4. Fence patched & wrapped on drive road side of Horse Paddock, divided pen. The rest of that fence is... needing work and the inside fence to simply come down and go away.
5. Gate at west end of new Buck Pen mounted, and functional. Keeps the Bros in when they go that way to avoid goats while starting rounds.
6. Hospital Pen refurbished using panels from old extension of holding pen and another two to replace hog panels we were using.
7. Hog panels stacked closer to current hog pens. (To be used in near future when selected hogs change their professions...)
8. Prints matted and mounted to increase Studio 318 booth inventory. Increased knowledge and skills on cutting mats. Increased understanding of needs for matting work station.
9. Zucchini Festival show accomplished.
10. Bird cage for fledgling dirtyardbirds completed, fledglings moved in, second round of biddies moved into their old holding cage, new Millifleuer biddies brought home from Caprihaven.
11. Avian Prison high wire wrapped and mounted. Water cans for additional bigger chicken tillers and Prison acquired and put into service.
12. Water hardware acquired, some put into service.
13. Major Dump Run.

Pretty durn busy, was I.

For the 24 years we've been living here, I take our un-recycled or un-recycleable refuse to the dump. Today, while doing that, fellow from the truck that pulled in next to me asked if I was from Chiefland. No, not from Chiefland, yet we determined that the Ranch is inside the territory he and his partner cover as garbage haulers. Handed me a flyer for their services. Hat's off to entrepeneurship. However, at $65 a Quarter for weekly pickup, when it costs me usually $14 per run and usually every other month (so, one per two Quarters and two per two Quarters) I am also going to pass.

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