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Ow, Ow Again, And Other Choice Words

Yesterday I gave myself a bit of an evulsion injury to my right thumb while re-seating t-bar posts for Ms. Truffles Piggie. Actually debated at the time if I should simply go over to Williston. No stitching this down, though, too ragged on the edge. Cleaned out more or less immediately, finished setting posts, then to house and cleaned out more thoroughly. Dressed wound, dealt with birds and Bros, then re-dressed and off to pick up Herself from Market. Re-dressed again after unloading truck.

She's thinking this morning we need to get our tetanus boosters done. I am thinking so too.

Meanwhile, Picasa

I've been working with Picasa as mentioned before to learn can this serve my cataloging needs. Some interesting features, and some cataloging started. Thought I'd mentioned here how many copies of faces the facial recognition feature found (not individual people, individually recognisable faces which includes many pictures of some individuals). Probably did that on-line but I'm recalling upwards of 50,000 faces recognised. Sorting through them, either to put them into an album by name or to 'Ignore' the person I'm down to 23 – 24,000 plus/minus. Some interesting things:

1. Once names are added, Picasa will begin to suggest names for faces. Sometimes they are even the correct names. The more names in, the more suggestions made.
2. Some of the incorrect suggestions are often personally amusing.
3. It is possible to tell Picasa to ignore a face. Unfortunately, Picasa doesn't seem to put together that if there is a duplicate file in another folder, ignoring that face is still pertinent. I've got a large collection of images, going back to Usenet days.
4. Along with that, Picasa is able to recognise faces in thumb-nail size images in 'index file' composites ne. proof sheet type images. Even more faces, as perhaps not all those indexed images were collected...
5. For the few models with whom I've worked that requested anonymity and no face display, this is actually an interesting tool to reveal where there are images with too much recognition.

Also, downloaded GIMP. I know there is at least one person on my lists here that's used GIMP. Refresh my memory so I can tag you for info, eh?

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