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Where Have ALL the Otterz Gone?

It is one day before the U.S. Memorial Holiday Weekend starts. All of those Otterz Mob critters that hang round my Studio have been really quiet for the past week or so. Earlier today I went to cut my hair, and the electric clippers is missing. This afternoon Herself and I went grocery shopping, and this is some of what we saw:

Key Lime Pie By Jello
This is the last one on the shelf... two days before US Memorial Day Weekend.
Key Lime Pie By Jello

Now, this isn't lime jello, and it seems a bit out of line for Otterz Mob. Except...

Two Fer Price
The Temptations Key Lime Pie, at this price in a local grocery store... two days before US Memorial Day Weekend
Two Fer Price

And as for Real Jello
Again, the last one on the shelf... two days before US Memorial Day Weekend. Mind you, the generic store brand, there was more of that. Just not the Real Jello.
Real Jello

Ah. Yes. Buddha-con Weekend. Of course. And this year, even ofuroyama (see icon) is not to be seen.

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