madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

It Isn't Free

Today is, in my part of the world, Memorial Day (Observed). I recall when this day was observed on the 31st of May; now it is always on the last Monday of May regardless, for a three-day weekend.

It started after the War Between the States, by any other name, as a means to remember the fallen in that war. It is now, by extension, to remember the fallen in any war.

And so I do.

Today we are getting wet in these parts of North Central Baja Jorja. What remains of Tropical Storm Beryl is now a tropical depression. Right at the moment we are between bands, though likely to get more rain today. This is a good thing, as we've been extraordinarily dry recently, as in draught dry.

Pretty fitting, I think.

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Tags: life
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