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Just back from Orlando and another weekend of nursing business; on the one hand without details, a good meeting.  On the other hand, I may even have several good photos from the trip.  The digital, though a humble, with features point and shoot, is proving to meet the purpose for which I originally purchased it.  To whit, able to make tall photographs while at nursing meetings.  Fits in a pocket (mostly - some of my trousers may be too tight), and is usually immediately avaialbe.  Except when it goes to sleep.

Then again, I won't wake up real quick next time I go to sleep either.

Did manage to miss a visit with one old friend who came up to the area; didn't quite manage to miss another, though she departed north shortly after I arrived.  She'll be back next weekend, more or less semi-permanently.

Right now, it's time for dinner.


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