madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Tropical Storm Debbie

Dropped rain on us all day yesterday, with a brief lull right about midnight. Of course, that's also when we lost power, only for about 1:50 though, at least near as I can tell. Quite sure Houdini noticed the power outage, he came and stayed by me for a bit as we moved around the house shutting off PC's which were still on thanks to UPS, then shutting off the UPS so they wouldn't continue beeping at us. The cordless phone also beeped, that because the batteries are low. Same thing for both handsets. I expect those batteries are actually spent.

Up not terribly early this morning, and out fairly soon afterward. Primary purpose, get the dogs out to relieve themselves. Heard diesel engine somewhere along fenceline in the back, so I determined I'd do a line walk today. Included the sink holes in Cow Pasture on that list. Glad I did. Two old tree falls are shifted, making small holes. One relatively new fall, also a small hole. For all of them, we'll need a saw to help clean things up. For the short term, some left-over #6 copper wire (and why there is some left-over #6 at that particular spot is a bit of a mystery) got used to put a top-wire across the gap by the oldest tree fall.

The sink holes are eroding around the edges, no deeper than previous checks and two of them are filling in as their edges erode.

So over all, we fared fairly well with a minimum of six inches / 155 mm or so of rain. Not a lot of wind and mostly out of the east (opposite direction of the one new-ish fall I saw), so I expect the shifting and fall I did find are due to water weight and decomposition. Live Oak takes a while to decompose, though.

Now we are receiving intermittent periods of sunlight with cloud cover. We were quite open sky this morning while we did the walk-about and chores. Tropical Storm Debbie is still sitting there out in the Gulf of Mexico, not moving along particularly fast, and still projected most likely to come visit us. Later today. And tonight. This is good. A 'lance' of dry air, funneled at her by the conflicting high and low pressure areas around split the big mass of clouds in half. That's what brought us our sunlight this morning. And the conditions continue being more or less unfavorable for a good deal of strengthening. Which means we could get a lot of rain, some wind, maybe not a lot of wind, and that is pretty much what we need to help with our overall drought conditions.

Meanwhile, now the Goats are fed. Yesterday in the rain I did get feed to Horses and Hogs, not Cows and Goats. Goats weren't coming out of their rain shelters anyway. Cows, being bovine, pretty much moved about grazing and being wet. Currently I'm doing this, and discovering that our satellite internet service is rather spotty today. Which could make posting this interesting.

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