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Running into connectivity problems here at the Ranch, via our satellite internet connection. The smart phones are working no problem, so e-mail is there, and some web browsing. Overall, though, I find that trying to blog at either of my sites is less than satisfactory via smart phone, at least just now.

Trouble shooting provided some data; taking the wireless router out of the circuit intially provided the ability to log in to secure sites. That lasted a few days, and now, again, secure site access is flaky. Even non-secure site access is occasionally odd. I suspect, actually, that a recent spate of thunderstorms with some nearby strikes and frequent (albeit brief) interruptions in electrical service may have damaged the modem, and will contact the provider today to this end.

Meanwhile, though I've not posted any Hippie Birdbath notices, I've not exactly missed them either. So Hippie Birdbaths even if belated to several of you.

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Tags: life the universe and everything

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