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A Good Day

Princess Tubby 4 of 4 Kitteh of Apocalypse woke me, not exactly yet close enough, at a reasonable hour. Up, Houdini out for whiz, made coffee fed cats, sat on settee with Houdini for a good bit, surfing web via phone sipping coffee. This started the day.

Chores done; only thing here is the Bros did Go Walkabout while I sorted through the first of the goat pans. Didn't spot them when I walked the road a short ways, came back to help feed goats. We turned the Cows loose in the Home Compound, and when walking back over from that here comes Houdini up the drive road. Put him on his line and went to get Forrest Nissan Pickup while Herself fed the hogs. Out to the Road Gate, called Squrrl again while opening gate, and when I closed the gate behind Forrest, here comes Squrrl up the Drive Road. All's well.
Drove back to the House, Squrrl on his line. Watered some birds, cleaned old buckets found under the side porch and around the house. This includes a large stock pot which Herself wasn't sure isn't damaged, however it holds water just. Thing is, it is aluminum and so not usable to make cheese or yogurt. Good stock pot for soups or stews though. Started the laundry and into House for fluids.

Reviewed the list with Herself, then off to Sam's Club for the monthly provisions trip. Usual two-three hours trip, back home, only bad thing that happened is the big bag of dog food split open when I started carrying it in. We recovered the better part of the half that spilled, though. Then out to put the Cows back into Pasture (Bros Helped! Well, yah, they usually do, this time though the made sure to tell me they helped.) and fed the Horses and now the Bros had supper and I'm … doing this.

Herself made the comment earlier today that she wanted to turn the Cows loose into the Park. Walking around to feed the Horses after setting the Cows back to Pasture, it occurred to me. We've always called the portion of Kuma's Playpen Ranch where the House and Studio and Sewing Cottage are as the Home Compound. It's a quarter of the entire place, based on the fence lines, so it's a big compound, and Home Compound always seemed a bit clumsy to say.

The Park is nicer. We live in the Park. Yes. There's Goat Paddock, and Horse Paddock, and Cow Pasture, and the Park. We live in the Park.

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