madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Meanwhile Back At the Ranch

OK. That was fun, more in the vein of F.U.N. and still noticeable... I am not afraid of heights, yet in the past few years find myself being extremely aware while moving about on the roofs around here. We've known for a couple years we are in the ballpark age for a new roof on Big House. Made preliminary investigations last year with a friend who is a roofer.

Couple days ago 17 year old roof sprung a leak. As in, step beyond noticeable. Today I climbed up to clear off leaf debris from our friendly shade oaks and found divots in the roof decking.

Apparently our friendly shade oaks dropped more than leaves. we will need to replace some of the decking as well as new roof.

Squrrl expressed some curiosity hearing my voice coming from out of sight high but no concern at all when leaf debris started flying over his head to land a few feet away from the side of the House. Guess he didn't think I would drop anything on him.

Now our roof has a raincoat at that end, as we've joined many other folk in the area with a Blue Roof. Still waiting to hear back from Roofer Friend, getting other ducks into their row, may also put out inquiries to a couple others on availability to work. Raincoat is better than waterfall. New roof is better than raincoat.

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