madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Out of the Ether an Oddness

In one way my two weeks off from Hospital started Friday passed at quitting time. In another way they do not start until tomorrow, as so far each day has been/is a regularly scheduled day off. In either event, not so much a vacation, since I will not be "vacating". At least not until the weekend Oct. 19-21.

I've been getting a bit better using LJs phone app for reading and the occasional post. It is clumsy, yet slowly workable. And, apparently if I don't I shall be totally absent from the Internet and blogging. Trying to decide why this is, since I do own a well-functioning PC, with Internet access. However in the past several months I've turned it on only a couple handfuls of hours.

I know where I am spending that time, and less of it is at Hospital. More of it is on Ranch, not as much in Studio even though Studio is by default on the Ranch. Normally through the summer months here in North Central Baja Jorja I "estivate" by working indoors in the AC. This summer that didn't happen. I spent a good deal of time working on various small projects outdoors.

Life isn't feeling bad, but I am wondering exactly what brings the Balance, and where it is.

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Tags: life the universe and everything, via ljapp

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