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Hospital Food

I usually describe hospital food as solid fuel. This place is essentially no exception, except... there is the fast food court.

The Court sports a pizza place by the slice, a Wendy's, and a Gyro Shop. While I have acquired food from the Wendy's, more often if I get food here (rather than packing in my lunch), I get one of the offerings from the Gyro called "Three slices and a side." The three slices vary, pastrami, turkey, club, sometimes vegie. The side is nearly always hummis.

Yesterday, the hummis proved on the watery side, even before they added the sesame oil and paprika. Well, the paprika doesn't make it watery. Today, it is most excellently hummis-ey.

There is a word in German which evidences quite the concept: bierdurst, beer thirst, and only beer will quench that thirst. I wonder if some language has an equivalent concept: hummis hunger.

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