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State of the Studio

Interesting getting back into a swing of things, and trying to do so with a balance to all the other activities and events going on in life just now. It's a case of make time for art, and for the business of art, and for the Ranch, and, and, and. Everything competes for time, our only real nonrenewable resource. Yes, yes, I know, there are natural resources which are rare, thus precious, and yet those are either recyclable, or somehow renewable even if not rapidly. Time, however, moves along with no going back and (despite sometimes wanting to) no hurrying on.

I spent yesterday taking care of some 'activities of daily living' getting the laundry done, and helping with the usual Ranch chores feeding all the critters, plus counting new kids. The Autumn Kidding is started and so far we're at about 18 live kids. This time around we are watching some of our older yet still somewhat adolescent does. Yes, female goats are does, much like deer. And yes, adolescents of any species may experience problems with early pregnancy.

These girls are between a year and a half and two years, so should be good to be moms. And mostly so; one decided that the whole business proved much too traumatic and abandoned her two kids (twins are not common to first time goat mothers, not rare either though). Fortunately one of our older does kidded in near proximity both timewise and geographically; while still labouring with her two, she immediately adopted the two the youngster walked away from. We've gotten close enough to determine that Mom #2 is currently nurturing at least 3 doelings. Young Mom gets another chance at this whole reproduction thing, as it is in our experience their second time they do much better.

There are a few stillborns amongst those adolescents, though, and I'm inclined to wonder about why. Their nutrition is good with the same feed we started last year, and the Winter Kidding proved stupendous. On the other hand, though, these are adolescents, there is a hierarchicy in a goat herd and the youngsters may not of been able to get everything they needed as a consequence. Still and all, things are going quite well with only these few bobbles.

After the Ranch chores and between loads of laundry, I worked on the Goals List for next year 2013. Last year I'd set a goal of three weekend type art shows, while still working full-time at Hospital and on the Ranch. Since I met that goal, I doubled it for this year. While I can't say definitively that all six shows are done and thus the goal met, that's because the last show, the Blue Oven Kitchens Winter Gift Fair takes place just a touch over 30 days from today. DietyOfYourChoice willin' and the creek don't rise, we will be there.

I didn't double the goal again, even though this past year I moved to working part-time at Hospital. I did put 14 different shows onto the list, with the goal set at 8 shows. Deadlines for applications and fees along with some other notes related to specific shows (themes, acceptable subjects, and such). This is part of the Business of Art, since some of those deadlines occur before the turn of the calendar to 2013. We are, I'm happy to say, on schedule for things so far.

May not do one or another of the shows that we did this year, even with them being on the list, simply because that is another of the lessons in the Business of Art. Namely, does that venue match what it is I'm doing, We're doing, and if not the probability gets higher we wouldn't make any sales anyway. One of those shows is still on the list; once we finalise our decision about it, though, I'll either not Not Happening or remove it. This is why there are 14 different shows, to give us some flexibility.

I will add at least one Con, probably 'local' as in here in State. In fact, I'm putting one on the list to attend, even though I'm too late for Art space at that con, simply because it is Very Local. Most of the rest are also fairly local, as in an easy drive from the Ranch to get there and not requiring much in the way of overnight accommodations. That will come, I'd simply like to wait and see what sort of 'following' may be generated first.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should show you a couple pieces that went into the recent Necronomicon show. I'll drop those behind a cut more for bandwidth, partially for subject matter, as some workplaces might object to one or two.

Fantail Falls, Middle Earth
Fantail Falls
I believe I called it Horsetail Falls on the bid sheet. Doesn't matter in one way, and I included it because it could well be a fantasy setting as well as being a spot in New Zealand, and the photograph itself made while final shooting for The Lord of the Rings took place elsewhere, seemed appropriate.

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, NZ
Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, New Zealand
I've posted this one before, I know, whatever. I included this in the show for much the same reasons as above.

Foggy Morn
Foggy Dawn, Southern Ranch
This one surprised me a bit. Not that it achieved what it did, simply the category in which the achievement took place. The Members (the Fans) are the judges in the Art Show at Necro, with those folk who want to do so checking in at the Art Show desk and getting their voting form. Then they wander through the Show and select what they like for Best In Show and First, Second Third in both Colour and Black and White. This year they decided this photo should be Third in Black and White. I need to take another, closer look at that print...

Naked and Unapologetic
Nude, and Unapologetic
I believe this one also to be posted earlier in this blog, but hey, here it is again. Perhaps a bit gratuitous (how much fantasy or sci-fi is in this image, other than my muse here, marjai, is also a big sci-fi and fantasy fan, Con attendee, LARP and other role-play gamer as well as an old and dear friend) oh well. It's also one of my better pieces overall.

Kitsune Out of the Storm
Kitsune Out of the Storm
This one was one of the Featured Prints (my concept) as it is also one of the big prints in the show. It's in my Learning Composite category, comprising two separate photographs to make this final image.

Last Transport to Clarkesville
Bit of an homage to this year and Davy Jones from the Monkeys, though the concept received its execution before his death. My working title had been simply Transport or Transporter. Another in the Learning Composite category. Y'all might ask where this is; my usual answer is 'In my Head'. Apparently it is a fun guessing game to try to figure out where it really is (since after all a photograph must be of a 'real' place). So far, out of three dozen or so folk who've guessed, only one hit the mark.

I re-showed Naiad from last year, and a few others which loosely could be called either sci-fi or fantasy because their subject matter could be either future on a colony world or in a fantasy world or such.

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