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More On Goals & Such

One of the tools I acquired, and it is a tool despite the relative 'disembodyment' of software, ia an app for my iPhone: Errands To-Do List, by Yoctoville. In tune with my demonstrated tendencies to be a spendthrift offspring of unmarried parents, this app is offered free. Quite handy, allows for setting up multiple folders for different types of to-do lists, and well, a lot of other handy features. Should a to-do entail several parts, one may even set up the list as a checklist.

Seemed like a clever idea at the time, so I set up a To-Do regarding my goal to do a set number of shows this year, and the list as e-mailed to myself from the app looks like this:
Title: Goal 2012
Details: 6 Shows
Priority: Medium
Due: Mon Dec 31, 2012 (As of Nov 19, 2012), and I added the italicised part after the fact
Folder: PhotoRelated
Notes: 01/12/12 Mars Con ✔
Another Con
03/15/12 Kanapaha Spring Garden ✔
5/12/12 Windsor Zucchini Festival ✔
Yulee Railroad Days June (Not Happening)
07/04/12 Bronson 4th of July Festival (short notice) ✔
10/01/12 Williston Peanut Festival (Booth fee $100! Not happening this year. Deadline in Sept)
Autumn Downtown Art Festival submit 5/1 (In October! Not happening)
10/21/12 Necromicon ✔
12/08/12 Blue Oven Kitchen Winter Show
Chiefland Watermelon Festival (2013 bkmk $75 by May 25+/-)

If there is a check-mark after the item, it is completed and checked off using that checklist feature mentioned. During the course of the year I added certain notes in, specifically related to the Williston Peanut Festival and the Autumn Downtown Art Festival. Those help keep clear in my mind why I didn't complete those portions of the goal. Chiefland Watermelon Festival I added to the list after the fact and discovering it looking through a list of regional festivals in of all things the newsletter published by our rural electric co-operative company, so that I could easily tag it onto the 2013 list.

There are two parts to the October shows I didn't do. Regarding the Downtown Art Festival, run by the City of Gainesville, the city needed to move the date forward this year because the Local Major University scheduled home football games nearly every weekend in November. This being the S.E.C., football isn't a sport, it's a way of life and is so even for those of us who may not be avid fans of local teams. Simply because, evidenced by the City changing dates for a major autumn show originally designed to capitolise on potential holiday gift purchase/sales, we all arrange our lives around dates that the Athletic Department sets.

Looking ahead to planning on going to Williston, and Necronomicon in October and still needing to plan on time-off requests from Hospital, I opted to pass on the Downtown Art Festival at the submission deadline date. Then in September, House roof told us in quite certain terms it leaked, and since I'd not spent the money yet to get into Williston, I chose not to to help control keeping rainwater outside my house. My Necronomicon entry already in the pipeline by that point, we carried on with that show. Well, OK, there are other reasons I like going to Necro as well.

However, I didn't get the 'Another Con' part done, though I did get some research done on what sort of other cons are relatively local to me. One of those (relatively local) is also one of the major Cons of the year, Dragoncon in Atlanta. That one is... on the list, however, not on the 2013 list just yet. There is another one coming up in January at Local Major University, which will be the second year it's occurring. That one is on my list for 'reconnaissance' i.e. I'm planning on going and scoping it out. After all, the site is just up the hill from Hospital, so it is rather ridiculously local at that. It's called Swampcon, and if you are close enough you should also come check it out.

Yulee Railroad Days did not happen, at all. The folks that organise the local events took this year off. In fact, for a while the web site took a rest as well. It's back, now, and sounds hopeful for this event in 2013. We'll see.

That's it for the 'Didn't Happen' part of the list. For the rest, fun, educational, items to do again, and the whole process somewhat more facilitated in the upcoming year with this Errands To-Do bit. One of the things I learned this year, and I mean really learned as opposed to learned by reading others write about it, is that shows require lead time. When is the application due? How much is the fee? What is the general subject? Which, of course, means which images do I put into a show/festival, which ones not so much.

All of them, as we move along, get their own to-do list which is helping to keep things on track. Six shows isn't a lot; it is twice the original goal and keeping things straight last year occasionally got interesting. So I'm keeping to six shows for this year even given the high probability I'll meet the goal (that Blue Oven Kitchen Winter Show is coming up in a couple two-three weeks, in the works now), with the added sub-goal of getting better on managing the business of getting into shows better.

Which shows, then? Well, MarsCon is in the works again. Things learned, it is easy, actually, to send along artwork to a distant show via shipping or postal service, and folks at the other end are there to help. Sales, not so much this year. However, sales not so much the first two years I put pieces into Necronomicon either, thus allow exposure time.

Kanapaha Spring Garden Festival. Hmm, well, I've been thinking maybe not so much this coming year, in part because we made absolutely no sales from our showing this year. Learned a lot, yes. Booth setup, weather resistance, details about booth setup (led to confirming the decision to get some folding racks for matted/sleeved artwork, rather than hauling, setting up, breaking down tables with bins on them) all came out of this show. However, only so much funding available for shows, overall, and there is another one coming up I am looking to get into. If I can. So ... maybe. Probably not.

I do believe we'll show again at the Windsor Zucchini Festival. Not only did we have fun, and Herself entered food art into their Cook-a-Zucch contest (and received ribbons!), we also made booth fee on our first showing there. Always an encouragement.

Yulee Railroad Days is on the list, pending the event actually takes place. As is the Bronson July 4th Festival, which this year is/was the first year so we'll see if it happens again. We made sales at the previous year Yulee Railroad Days, though not at Bronson this year, but we'll go again.

Chiefland's Watermelon Festival is on the list; watching their web site for the dates and the current application forms. Williston Peanut Festival, ditto, because again very local, and good idea to get better known in the community. Hopefully, no surprise expenses in the lead-up time.

Necronomicon, yes, deity willing and the creek don't rise. Yes.

The Autumn Downtown Festival is on the list as well, again pending dates. If the local football schedule pushes that festival too forward in the year, maybe not. After all, Blue Oven Kitchen will likely do their Winter Gift Festival again, we made booth fee plus last year and we're in it again this year, so that's on the list.

So that's Seven on the list with one Potential extra. Curiously enough, there's the other I mentioned I'm going to try for, though I'm not putting a lot of info down now. That's a juried show meaning I need to apply to maybe get in depending on if the jury likes my art. We'll see.

Another Con is still on the list; I've got one in mind. More later on that.

And, with involvement in the Gainseville Fine Arts Association there are some additional shows I may be able to get into as well. GFAA does two juried shows every year. So, those will go on the list.

That provides some 'padding' as it were. Seven definite shows now towards a goal of six, with some extras. One reason for those extras is that a lesson this year is some shows won't happen, for a variety of reasons. Build in alternates from the beginning to help meet the basic goal.

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