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Goal Completed

Well except for details.

We did the Blue Oven Kitchens Winter Gift Fair yesterday afternoon, and it proved profitable. Like last year, we did this with our friend and partner B Not on Blogoshpere of Caprihaven Dairy Goats. Unlike last year, we did this year as two booths by paying for a double-size space. Despite booth fee thus being twice as much, we made booth fee. On both booths. And then some.

The KP Ranch/Caprihaven booth did a gangbusters business. Goat milk fudge is a hot item, and B creating some interesting ways to promote same. We did of course offer samples, small itty bitty portions in a cupcake cup for free. However, she also created two new variations to sell same besides the nice sized block of fudge; cubes on a stick and spoons dipped. The dipped plastic spoons sell for 50 cents and provide a nice way to taste; a lot of people bought one or another of those, wandered off to other booths, and came back to purchase a larger portion. The cubes are about 3 cm cubic, on the ends of plastic spoons and sell for a bit more than the dipped spoons. Those proved rather popular as the 'came back to buy' items.

Herselfs two mustards that she made using two of my beers as the seed soaking solution sold very well also. We opened up two small jars one each as Sample, with wooden dipping sticks (and a bin to put the used sticks into). One of the most fun things to watch is peoples faces as they tasted those mustards, particularly the 'End of the World Dark Mustard' which … the beer she used is also called End of the World, and part of the ingredients in the beer are “Midnight wheat, chocolate malt and chili pepper”. The beer itself is zingy, and so is the mustard.
Studio 318 sold a print, and as with other shows there are some potential inquiries and such.
Several sales, including the print, made using the card reader which worked flawlessly (not always the case). Just when I started to think it might be time to close that or get another type.

Things that worked, then, on the overall setup: loaded everything into the Subaru Outback,
2 totes matted work, 1 tote framed work, 2 large framed pieces each in separate corrugated board transport, 1 tote Herself jewelry, 1 folding jewelry display, 1 tote Pavilion gear, 1 ez-up pavilion, 1 bag pvc pavilion art wall supports, 1 folding table, 2 'weight bags' (keep pavilion from blowing away), 1 folding hand truck, 2 folding print bins, 1 folding chair, 1 Office Box, 1 very small cooler for noms & drinks...

I've been thinking to keep the load small enough to transport in the Subaru; this load filled the back, with the jewelry tote being a second level, and required me to bring the bin of road supplies (spare oil, air compressor, jumper cables, etc) into the front passenger seat. There were a few other things which came along that actually went for the Ranch related booth and wouldn't necessarily be coming along for Studio work, but that wouldn't make much of a difference in the pack-up.

Subaru does include a roof rack, some lighter items may be strapped to the top. Thing is, then they should also be (somehow) protected from weather/road debris. Also, doing a two-layer load of totes is possible given the size we are using, but then I get concerned about load shifts forward in the event of sudden deceleration.

Thing is, I really like our Subaru Outback. Could get a new(er) Subaru, and could be either a Forrester or another Outback (newer year models than ours appear to be a tad larger). Then we'd also be acquiring a car payment, something we do not currently sport thank you very much.
So we made the nut (booth fee and petrol) plus some, between the two booths.
This wraps up the year for me in terms of shows. Here is the 'to do list' I used.

Title: Goal 2012
Details: 6 Shows (2 lagniappe)
Priority: Medium
Due: Mon Dec 31, 2012
Folder: PhotoRelated
01/12/12 Mars Con ✔
5/12/12 Windsor Zucchini Festival ✔
03/15/12 Kanapaha Spring Garden ✔
07/04/12 Bronson 4th of July Festival (short notice) ✔
10/21/12 Necromicon ✔
12/08/12 Blue Kitchen Winter Show ✔
Another Con
Yulee Railroad Days June (Not Happening)
10/01/12 Williston Peanut Festival (Booth fee $100! Not happening this year. Deadline in Sept)
Autumn Downtown Art Festival submit 5/1 (In October! Not happening)
Chiefland Watermelon Festival (2013 bkmk $75 by May 25+/-)

If they've a check mark, they're done. The others were on the list as probable/possible shows, though they didn't get done for various reasons. Chiefland we learned about this year, after the fact. Pretty much all of them are on the list for 2013 again, with the same game plan. I'm not committing to adding shows, exactly, and at least one is not on the list for next year (Kanapaha. We'll go as attendees. Much better for us that way.)

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