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State of the Artist

Since I've not made an entry about this for a few weeks, it is about time.

State of the Artist is Better. As in I felt much worse last week. Sunday evening a week back, started feeling a sore throat. Monday, some coughing and feeling a bit dragged out. Started on Sunday evening right off adding echinacea and additional Vitamin C to my daily supplements (morning & evening for the additionals). During the night I woke up and checked my temperature, and upon getting back to bed and phone called Hospital and told them I would not be coming in to work. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday enjoying the surreal universe that involves a core body temperature of 39.0 to 39.5 C.

Fever broke late Wednesday, and my feet felt cold all day Thursday. My feet rarely feel cold unless I am doing something like walking through frigid water (with or without boots). I did get back to work at Hospital on Friday and did my weekend shift on Saturday, good thing because that being my last scheduled shift before tomorrows Holiday I would not otherwise of been paid for not working tomorrow.

So I am better, which is not to say quite up to snuff yet yes, much better, thank you.

When we last discussed the State of the Artist subject I recounted completing the Six Show Goal for 2012. I will not say (at least not without tongue in cheek) that I'm glad I planned on completing that goal before the Mayan Calendar Brough-ha-ha. Wait, I just did say that. Tough. One of the other things I learned from the Goal List is that the list requires Advance Planning. That means despite the remote possibility, since proven to be miss-interpreted by the Doomsayers, of the World Ending plans must be in place and working for the 2013 Show Goal List before the first of the events.

Long before, in some instances. Here is the list, and this year it does say Eight Shows:

Title: Show Goal 2013
Details: 8 Shows
Due: Tue Dec 31, 2013
Notes: Each Individual Show to get own To Do list
- 01/18-20/13 Mars Con (01/12/12) App Deadline Nov 2012
- Another Con (Oasis?) (More Cons?)
- 02/15-17/13 GFAA Tioga Art Fair
- 03/7-9/13 Tampa Nude Night (02/14-16/13 Orlando) App Deadline Nov 2012
- 03/23-24/13 Kanapaha Spring Garden (03/15/12 & vs Spring Arts? Booth fee $150)
- 04/6-7/13 Santa Fe Spring Arts (deadlines: 12/31/12 $20 app fee $250 reg if accepted!)
- 5/??/13 Windsor Zucchini Festival (5/12/12) App Deadline Jan 2013
- 06/??/13 Chiefland Watermelon Festival (bkmk $75 by May 5+/-)
- 06/??/13 June Yulee Railroad Days (Happening?)
- 07/04/13 Bronson 4th of July Festival (07/04/12 short notice)
- 10/??/13 Williston Peanut Festival (10/01/12 Booth fee $100! App Deadline in Sept)
- 10/18-20/13 Necromicon (10/21/12) App Deadline 06/2012
- 10/26-27/13 Micanopy Fall Festival Oct 26-27, 2013 App Deadline ? (Does not conflict with Con!)
- 11?/??/13 Autumn Downtown Art Festival submit 5/1 (2012 In October! Pricy for booth space)
- 12/??/13 Blue Oven Kitchen Winter Show Downtown App Deadline ?

Astute observers will note immediately that there are 15 shows listed (16 if one counts both venues for Nude Nite). One of the things learned last year is some of these shows will not happen for me, either the show itself not happening or something else will interfere with the show. Two of them, to be discussed in a bit, are Juried Shows, which means apply first, the Jury reviews work submitted, and then notifies me if my work is Selected or Not Selected or Alternate If Someone Else Cancels.

On to the Shows.

Mars Con (MarsCon 2013 - Rebirth! - January 18-20 2013 I hope this link works, copy & pasted from my bookmarks will happen on the dates listed there in Williamsburg, VA. I won't be attending, however some of my artwork will be. On the individual To-Do list, the artwork is already boxed with return postage, shipped, received, and the display place fee is in the mail as well (it was a wee bit delayed due to that two day Core Body Temp incident). The show itself isn't 'checked off' yet because it won't be until next (year) Month!

If you are in the area, and the link works to get you to the additional information, please do go!

The second Goal is Another Con (OASFiS?) (More Cons?) Yes, I should like to be doing more Con art shows, on the one hand, and on the Other Hand OASFisS Orlando Area Science Fiction Society's major event in May would be a good one to try, close enough to be attending. On the Gripping Hand it remains to be seen what the budget is like, and so we shall see.

02/15-17/13 GFAA Tioga Art Fair is the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Spring showing (Winter, still, really based on the dates). It is a sort of juried event; members of GFAA submit that we are interested in taking part, with some samples of our work, and then we get space or not. This is not a 'general' show in that sense, one must be a member of GFAA. As of now, we will be attending and showing.

03/7-9/13 Tampa Nude Nite is one of two Nude Nite events I've known about for a couple years now. Last year I'd contemplated submitting, didn't due to budgetary considerations, and did this year. I'd thought about doing both (each show venue is a different application) and opted for only one due to both budget and the Orlando show is in February and I'm not quite sure I'm up for more than one show a month just yet. This is a Juried Show. The subject is pretty well stated, and the show takes a moderately hefty commission from any sales (60/40).

04/6-7/13 Santa Fe Spring Arts (deadlines: 12/31/12 $20 app fee $250 reg if accepted!) is a show I've known for decades (literally, because it's been going on longer than I've lived here in North Central Baja Jorja and I've lived here for decades), and which long ago I decided I'd like to be one of the attending/displaying artists, and is a Juried Show. Since I put it on my list that long ago, I've been watching it off and on anyway and looking at number of artists displaying, crowd attending and such. My first thoughts when I ramped up on Start Showing led me to think by oh, say, 2015 or so I'd be applying.

There were probably a dozen empty spots this year when we walked through. I've discussed this here before. So I escalated the priority on when.

Both of these shows use an on-line application process. Both require samples of the artist work, and the Spring Arts also wants a photograph of the Artist Booth to be sure they are looking a a professional display. Nude Nite the two images on the application are the two which will be in the show, if accepted. Both applications require a non-refundable application fee; the show fee if applicable (while heftier) is not due until the Artist is notified they are accepted. Nude Nite does not appear to charge a fee, they do charge the commission. Santa Fe does charge a booth fee.

Both applications are submitted, and I am now waiting to hear back. That gets us through the first four months of Next Year, with two definite shows, two potential shows, and We Will See.
May we are looking at the Windsor Zucchini Festival again; we all enjoyed doing that one-day festival and we all made at least booth fee for it so for now it's simply keep an eye on their site for the application! We didn't do the Chiefland Watermelon Festival, found it after the fact so put it on the calendar for this year, and watching that site for the application as well. If Yulee Railroad Days happens this year (this one the organisers took 2012 off) there could be two events in June, both of which are one-day events so long as they aren't the same weekend, fairly easily do-able.

What remains for this year, then, is inventory to match against Start-of-Year for the Tax Man, and any routine maintenance and restocking needed.

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