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State of the Studio

The Studio is in a bit of a mess, actually, needing some organisation and cleanup. However, the mess is in part due to a lot of matting towards the end of last year. There's more to go, but that cleaning needs to happen because portions of the space are taken over by...

Frames. A lot of frames in one way, purchased at a yard sale in December. Worse problems to be had by an artist, sure.

Farmers Market Booth Stuph. This is another thing that escalated in the few weeks before the Holidays, and it's kept up (though a bit slower) in the couple of weeks since. Saturday morning Haile Farmers Market has been busy enough that I've stayed for Market instead of heading back to the Ranch to feed the critters, then back to Market to help pack and pick Herself up. It's good, because we've been selling moderate well even without fresh produce to sell. Goats milk, goat milk cheeses and fudge, soaps made with goats milk, our goat and pork meat, and fresh eggs are all moving along. Pack up is usually much easier, because several coolers are full of air rather than product.

On the way home we stopped to look at ice chests at Dollar General in Archer. Ours are still serviceable, simply showing signs of their age and weathering. And we are also looking at standardizing sizes to aid in packing Forrest Nissan pickup truck.

Sunday I went over to the Campus to attend one day of SwampCon (feel free to follow the link to new window/tab). I didn't get to go last year, the first year, because Hospital had me scheduled to work. I wanted to check out the Artist Alley in particular, and also see who else might be there I know. On that note I did see two artists and two writers I know through other cons.

They all told me Saturday showed a pretty big turn-out, something around 2,500 attendees. Sunday probably wasn't that full, and yet still a pretty good turn-out walking around. I hope the three UF clubs that organised it pull it off again next year. We'll see; they'll need a different site though because the on-campus hotel, J. Wayne Reitz Union (it's a real hotel, provides a practice ground for the college that prepares people for the hospitality business) will be undergoing needed renovations.

There is (was) a strong Anime presence in this con, with some Steampunk and Fantasy as well, at least as far as hall costumes are concerned. Likewise, though, for the art in Artist Alley. Some general sci-fi/fantasy work, but primarily a lot of Anime. Not sure much of my work will sell if I can do it next year; worth thinking about.

Meanwhile, tune-up continues on both the Ranch Booth for Farmers Market and Studio 318 Booth for art fair/festivals.

Which means, not much new art created recently. Plans, yes. Contemplations definitely. No creation though.

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