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State of the Artist

We've been discussing and investigating things we need and need to do to start generating a variation on a theme. So far, any of the shows or festivals we've done we are placing our artwork 'direct' as it were, the 2D and 3D pieces themselves. Given the current state of economy, and the fact that not many have a good deal of 'fun money' to use for such things as art, well, sales exist and are not brisk by any stretch.

Looking into, for that reason, ways and means to market our art, at least the 2D pieces, in a manner perhaps more affordable. To whit, greeting cards. Not a lot of visible progress to show on this, as in no greeting cards to offer just now. However, individual cards (on the size of 12x20 cm (5x8 inches, or close) are likely going to be priced between $2-3 US. Probably be price breaks at certain points as well, something that rounds down to a near number for the group.
I'm also thinking about calendars, three different themes (scenics, critters, and nudes) and potential variations on style as well.

So most of the looking at artwork this month I've done with these thoughts in mind. When I've been looking at our own work, that is, instead of procrastinating by looking at other peoples art on the Web. Or such. Still, I'm looking to try providing the first round of cards in a couple months.

This is mildly complicated by another marketing goal to mat and mount all work currently in the queue, as in printed and on hand but not mounted. I've run through that count as well, and... it's mildly impressive to myself. Hadn't realised I'd gotten quite so many prints made over the past year or two. Couple hundred if my count is correct.

Doing the mounting and matting requires a bit of cleanup in Studio to organise. Over the Holiday months things spread out a bit, between Farmers Markets and the December Winter Gift Fair we took part in, both booths. Got a good part of that done today, after the Ranch rounds.
It's an odd feeling, then, like I'm making progress, and even creative progress, despite not making any new images just now.

There are a couple potentials on that count, yes, but I've told both people involved that it will be a month or two. I really need to get that mounting and matting done, before February, and hopefully (a good problem) more in March getting ready for April. Because in February we will be showing in the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Winter Art Festival @ Tioga (a show open to members of GFAA). March is still a maybe; haven't heard from that application yet. In April there's a big one.

It's been a long-term goal of mine, this coming April. Annually Santa Fe College (formerly Community College) puts on the Spring Arts Festival in April, and it's a big deal. A lot of the artists who show are relatively local (around Baja Jorja) and quite a few come here from other parts of the country. It's a juried show, meaning ones art must be reviewed and judged acceptable before getting in.

This year I applied, and last week heard that I'm in as a Community Artist.


::looks at inventory::

Just, Wow. Well, got some work to do, eh.

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