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State of the Studio, State of the Artist

I mentioned I've not been doing much creative work on new pieces recently, what with the end of year push for shows, and start of the year push for shows, and... anyway. Some time ago (like, '01 or '02 no later than '02) I acquired a copy of Adobe Photoshop® 7. Initially this came my way as work-related software, so purchased by my employer (Hospital) related to my Perioperative Nursing Informatics work (as in working with photographs made at work, to be included in Doctor's Preference Cards, something that doesn't matter to anyone else here and apparently not much at Hospital just at the moment either).

When the software became officially outdated (as in newer, shinier versions released) Hospital surplussed it off to me as used software. So it's all official, and registered, and such. Over time the software quite happily contacted the Adobe website when I started it up, and over time Adobe quite happily provided version-specific updates. Until recently. As in, the past five to six months. Aha, said I to Myself, Myself Adobe will soon stop supporting this perfectly functional but industrially old software and then it will suddenly stop working so well.

Yup. Yesterday. Today. Opened up two files...

This is sort of a sidetrack, and yet it's something ysabetwordsmith posted that got me working on this specific image. It is another composite piece, and part of it is provided by NASA via the Hubble Space Telescope. ysabetwordsmith was talking about stock photo sites (this link opens another tab/window), and mentioned NASA as one of them particularly for science or science-fiction related images because it's really hard to beat real space photos or real spacecraft photos.

And I went to one of the sites I use to get Hubble Space Telescope photos and discovered a couple other things (Google Chrome® doesn't handle downloads from that site so well, Safari® does, I've got no idea what micro shaft IE would do with it), and started working with these two image files. One from NASA. One from my Studio.

And Photoshop® 7 didn't even burp when it tried to find download update site, just said couldn't find it. Then, while working on the layer mask to reveal layers behind (non-destructive editing of an image is a good thing, and subject for a different post), I interrupted myself to go attend to laundry. Saved the file before leaving, came back after about a half hour pause and...
Photoshop® 7 couldn't reveal on the mask any more. Instead, it drew on the mask.
Reboot the application. Same problem.

Reboot the PC. OK, now Photoshop® 7 could reveal on the mask again. Until after the next laundry break. And again this morning.


Version 7 is actually a perfectly good bit of software. And it worked just fine until it could no longer talk to the Adobe site. AND, I am just cynical enough to think that possibly, quite very possibly, there is a connection there.
So I opened up my shiny new copy of GIMP (Free Gnu IMage Processing) and started working. Took me a brief bit to remember exactly how to establish a reveal mask, and so far things are ticking along well enough. Though it will be a couple more days (at least) before I can do much more work on this image.

And did I mention GIMP is Free? As opposed to new Adobe Creative Suite® (Includes Photoshop®) which is several hundreds of US $$$?

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