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Studio In Other News

One of the shows that I applied for through an on-line application process CaFE 'Call For Entries' is actually two different shows, same themes, in two different locations. Both locations are relatively local to me here in North Central Baja Jorja, being more right on like Central Florida. The shows are Nude Nite so one may very safely figure that the art to be displayed features the human nude. The Orlando show is in February and I did not apply for that one, figuring one show a month (for the most part) until I get somewhat more experience, and there is another very local show I will be in in February.

The other is in Tampa, March 7 – 9 which is a Thursday through Saturday. Follow the link if you want more information, it's quite an interesting concept. I did apply for this one, to fill the slot for a March show. These are jury selection shows as well, and I submitted two images via CaFE for consideration.

Dryad Dreams (priced at $500)

Dryad Dreams</a> by ~madshutterbug on deviantART

Kitsune Out of the Storm (priced at $350)

Kitsune Out of the Storm</a> by *madshutterbug on deviantART

Now, here's the mean part, because I'm going to mention that one image is Invited, and the other image is Not Invited. I (obviously) think both are pretty good photographs, and one of them received an award at another show. Interestingly enough that is the one Not Invited. The other is somewhat edgier, for lack of other words to describe it in mind just now, and I wonder to some extent if that's what tipped it into the selection.

In either event, the two e-mails I received (these would have been snail mail letters in years somewhat gone by, I'm sure) are both very nicely stated. The Not Invited is polite, assures me the art is creative and expressive quite a bit of energy involved and is very much form letter, as it then says:
"It is with regret that Nude Nite cannot accept every artist and must respectfully decline your work(s)."

Plural. Which is amusing because the other e-mail, the Invited one, is similarly form letter: "Thank you for submitting your work(s) to the Nude Nite Art Show.
Congratulations! One or more of your work(s) has been accepted to exhibit at..." the posted show times.

Anyway. I'm in with at least one photograph. Which means I've now got evidence that two different juries think enough of my work to select me for two different shows, even if one of those juries didn't like all of the work submitted.

I'm also a-chuckle over another part of the So Sorry letter which tells me that the people running the show do want to encourage those artists not selected and so as an artist who submitted work, I will receive a complimentary one-night pass to the show. Mind you, as a Selected Exhibiting Artist I also receive (according to the other e-mail) a lanyard with name badge as an Exhibiting Artist which grants me admission to each night of the show. Um, before anyone gets real excited about maybe getting to use one of these, apparently I need to show photo ID for the Exhibiting Artist one, and neither one are transferable.

There is no additional fee to be paid to the gallery for showing; the gallery will take a 40% commission if my piece sells. Frankly I'd planned on that and increased the price I'm asking for Kitsune Out of the Storm. I'm asking myself at this point if I increased it sufficiently, however, as I look at the logistics I'm facing.

Initially I'd planned on driving down myself, with the art, and then potentially staying to see the show as well. Some of this included a big assumption, that my work would be either in or out, and totally didn't look at some of my work would be in and some, not. Plus, the specific date for art drop off isn't in any of the preliminary application info (the dates for the show are, not this date) and it turns out to be one day earlier than the time off I requested from Hospital to attend this show. Hm.

Plus, there is a good chunk of work (there is always a good chunk of work) to be done here back at the Ranch. And I need to take time off from Hospital for that as well. And even if staying with friends rather than in a hotel, the show hours are evening hours (one description for this show is A Ginormous Cocktail Party Art Show) from 6pm- midnite. I am not so rude a guest to want to come barging, even quietly barging, into friends homes when they will need to be up early the next morning to go to work. Which means more likely to stay at a hotel or motel nearby, and three nights of that, plus Ranch Needs Work...

So I'm now looking at shipping costs for Gallery Ready Artwork (framed, glassed, wires mounted for hanging – which Kitsune Out of the Storm is already having been in one show). The show will want return shipping included, but if I'm going down for the last night of the show, I can pick up my (presumably unsold) artwork at closing time. There will probably be some query messages inquiring about this.

All part of the process of learning how to do shows.

And hey, as Herself said, for the first four shows on my list for 2013, I'm four for four (say that seven time fast...)!

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