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State of the Studio, State of the Artist

More Flickr
Thursday past I started that bit about re-organising the Collections and Sets. The collections part makes things a bit easier, cleaner looking on the Photostream view. I've got five parent Collections: Idunkno, People, Places, Sketchbook, Things. Other sets and some Collections are moved into those. Collections may hold Collections, or Sets, so some of the parents hold collections to further move things along. Places, for instance, holds collections with state names which hold sets of photos in those states.

On Friday during some slow points at Hospital, I further moved things along, moving sets at that point. Looks fairly good this morning. Yesterday (Saturday) not any time at all on line other than via Smartphone so no work done at all. This morning, I worked on the Mosaics (thumbnail preview) for some of the Collections.

The first show of the year to which I submitted works took place last month in Williamsburg, VA (link to site? As I write this I can't connect, not sure or the problem MarsCon). Been following the FB group on this, even though as I said my attendance proved more in spirit than flesh. Friday my package of art arrived home (pre-paid self-addressed). Glad to see it, since this grouping may simply get re-packaged and sent off to another Con art show.

Thought to myself when I pulled the box out of the mailbox that this is the second year I've sent work off to MarsCon so if the trend (based on a statistical sample of one Con) holds true it will be next year if I do sell something. I'd read in the FB group that the Art Auction did well this year, with a lot of pieces going from Silent to Open Auction. Cool, great, and I still figured trend, three years, no sales.

This proves not to be the case.
The package came home one print less and with a check.

::Does the Happy Dance::

Mind you, still not covering expenses here. Not counting the expense of printing each piece, as that comes out with the sale of any individual piece. Counting Art Show space fee, and postage/shipping there and back. Still running in a hole on that measure.

But (and grammatically, But nearly always negates whatever someone stated immediately prior)...

I made a sale!

::Does the Happy Dance::

For those interested the image which sold behind the cut; I was asked recently why someone wouldn't be interested. Well... dunno. Obviously I am. However, some folks I know who read here, their children were quite young when they started and they appreciated the cut and notice about nude art. Some folks read at work, and work may not be totally friendly to such. So, that's part of why.

Dryad Blessing

This week is a preparation week for the coming weekend. The GFAA Winter Arts Festival at Tioga takes place Friday evening and Saturday/Sunday day. Preparation involves setting up the pavilion and checking on pieces and parts, and I need to add grommets to all the fabric display walls since that will help support the framed artwork hanging to entice people in. Some of the longer term projects won't be anywhere near ready, and that's OK. I also hope (not counting on) getting some more pieces matted and mounted and sleeved for the general inventory.

GFAA Winter Arts Festival at Tioga Link provided in case you're local and coming, or not local yet interested...
This weekend coming up, I've taken time off from Hospital to do this, and we'll see how it goes. A few people I've talked to who've taken part in this show in previous years said they did well in it. I feel I'm falling a bit short on inventory, as Ranch related work seemed to pre-empt time to mat and mount over the past couple months. We'll see.

One framed piece probably won't go for display, as that's somewhat promised for the March show I talked about in a previous post. Otherwise, I'll likely pack up as much as we've got ready and take it along.

On the Ranch Front
We've now caught up with light shelters for several sub-divided goat paddocks. Wind in some recent bad weather had torqued the frames so much they wouldn't work. These shelters are 'temporary' in one sense, and work for us because we move them around. They are made from chain-link fencing top rail tubes, and corner joints made. Herself calls the usual structure one sees with this system a red-neck garage, and there is some truth to it. We do need to provide some rather more sturdy shelter in one or two spots, that's a project for this year.

So. Summarising, I'm four for four getting into shows for the first four months of 2013. Already this is off to a good start, since two of those shows are juried entry, and one is invitational for members of GFAA. Adding to that good start, the first show provided a sale. Lets hope the trend continues.

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