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State of the Studio, State of the Artist

This is a follow-up post to earlier today, about the GFAA Winter Fine Art Fair, wherein I mentioned five pieces sold. But, which pieces?

Summer Tea
Summer Fae Tea

Summer Tea is from my series on the Fae, specifically the Four Seasons in One Fae. Though there are two in Summer Tea.

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, New Zealand

One of my favourites from our trip to NZ.

Sunday Morning, Two!

Foggy Dawn, Southern Ranch

This is the same one which received the award this year at Necronomicon's Art Show.

Baskets, Bench, and Buckets

From Dudley Farm State Historic Park, though the print which sold is done as B&W. I am not at all sure I will continue to print this one in colour; I think it is much better in B&W.

Sunday Evening, One


Balance is a light painting. This is a technique I am not done yet, though the last time I tried the results proved not so delightful. However, I am quite sure I've figured out why, and need to do this again.

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