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State of the Artist, State of the Studio

It is becoming real.

Today I took the framed print that is going into the Nude Nite show in Tampa (March 7, 8, 9 this year, and this link opens with an interesting short video) to the UPS store to pack and ship it along to the show. Part of the lesson here is pack the bloody things myself, though it's not a big thing for this particular instance. Still, I do know I can get the boxes there for art shipment, and that's a good thing.

It will arrive in Tampa (all goes well, and such) tomorrow, well before the deadline for shipped art to arrive in preparation for the show. I'm definitely not going for all three nights myself; neither going to spend that much on a hotel nor ask friends to put me up, given that I'd likely be getting to houses for sleep after midnight.

Besides, there are Ranch things needing doing as well.

I am thinking seriously about going for the last night of the show. Herself thinks I should. After setting up for the shipping today, one of my potential excuses for not going (cost of petrol) is out the door. Won't be saving that money by shipping an unsold work back. So it's mostly the cost of an overnight hotel stay to look at here.

Meanwhile, back at the Studio, we're still in Mat, Mount, Frame configuration. Except I've not gotten really started on that quite yet, other than sorting through the pieces we'd mounted for the NCFPC monthly competitions, before they converted to digital projection. Both of us (now) are leaning to larger prints for exhibit in the Studio 318 booth. I've always liked large prints. For the few classes I took, back in the sophomore college days, I considered 11 by 14 a nice size, 16 by 20 better, 8 by 10 small and 5 by 7 tiny.

Initially Herself thought that matted and framed 8 by 10 prints would be good sizes for exhibit. After looking at the other artists in the Winter Fine Arts Festival recently, she is on board that bigger in this case is better. The eye candy draws them in, it's the bait on the hook.

But. Still catching up with some of those necessary Ranch things, following a not terrible winter season (yes, still winter here, I know, and yes, it's milder here than elsewhere, yes) which none the less resulted in some freeze damage in a couple places.

And rooster houses. Well, chicken tillers, really.

Still, as Herself said to me a couple weeks back: four for four in the first four months for shows. Sales at the first two. And now, the print invited to a big deal show in Tampa is on the way.

There's another Con show I've gotten an invite/suggestion to, and Another Con is on the list of potential shows. It's another mail-to show, and more details will follow once I get those things rolling. Thing is, that show is in April as well. This would, then, be five shows in the first four months.

Considering that my goal for the year is eight shows, stipulating this happens, by April we'll be 60% of the way to accomplishing that goal, with eight months left to fulfill it. Eight months, and another five fairly certain weekend show festivals to be in.

Now all I need do is get a better handle on balancing Ranch/Hospital/Studio time, with an increase in image creation time rather than catching up with inventory time.

Could be worse problems to deal with.

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