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It is going to be cold tonight here in North Central Baja Jorja, and it proved cold last night as well although not so cold as tonight. This didn't matter much to us this morning, though, since we loaded Forrest Nissan Pickup for Haile Farmers Market before the sun came up and the temperature measured... Refrigerator. Cold.

Our booth space is on the east side of the road which Haile provides for the market, so we stayed in shadow well into the morning. Glad for a good breakfast from the Haile Village Bistro (eggs and cheese and bacon toasted rye for me, substitute ham and wheat for Herself). Glad for some live music down a bit, great beat, we danced to it to stay warm.

Didn't hurt much that market was steady busy, either.

Now, though, we've battened down the Dirty Yard Birds, Goats, and Hogs, plus done all the outside chores needing doing. The Bros are inside with us after their dinner. They usually also stand watch over the Dirty Yard Birds at night. Tonight however, Herself says they get to stay inside. Myself agrees.

Dinner for Ourselves is cooking.

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