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I Am Scrub

Today I am scrub nurse! Yippy-aye-yea I get to play with all the toys. On my lunch break now, feels good to put up the dogs briefly.

I know what I do as "circulating RN" is as important or possibly more so because it oversees the whole process, but playing with the toys is so much fun. I remember watching one of the scrubs when I started in the OR lo these 20 something many years past (he's now an ARNP, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner), how he would twirl the instruments both to pass to the surgeon and to replace on his mayo tray (no, it's not food; named after Mayo in Minnesota). What a cool thing to be able to do, I thought.

Chuckled at myself this morning; I don't twirl my toys the way he did.

I twirl 'em My Way, thank you very much.

'Sall good.

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