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Ranch, Weather, To Do, State of the Studio/Artist

We've been out to do an abbreviated rounds this morning, earlier than maybe usual, because of the weather. Storms rolling in. So the hogs and horses are fed, and birds fed and watered. Goats didn't even come out of their shelters, though they did complain a bit. That could be why were other animals getting noms and not them, or more likely 'Do something about the weather, Human.'
Because, of course, that's our job.

I've also started the laundry, a normal chore for this day. My plan overall is to head over to Studio 318, even if it is raining by then, to keep on working at mounting, matting, framing until I can call it quits. There are at least two more larger pieces I need to frame, and one of those needs a specific size frame. That one is sort of a fun story. The mat around it came out of one of the used frames purchased at a yard sale. Mat works very well with the piece (Herself's Mermaid Dreams). Frame the mat was in not so much, so it's gone to another piece. Thus, need a frame.

The other piece (Zen Garden, one of mine) is a square composition, so needs a square frame. I've got a square frame, no glass for it though and it is a bit bigger than the mount that Zen Garden is already attached to. Might still use it, that's one of the things I'll look at this afternoon.

All of these pieces are out of a batch of photographs we'd mounted onto 40x51cm backing (16x20 inch) for Camera Club #1's monthly show/competitions. Everything framed so far, or waiting for a frame, is a print in the range of 28x36 cm (11x14). Since it's nearly two years since we've been active with Camera Club #1, time to get some other use out of these pieces. Plus, the ones I'm framing up first are 'larger' pieces, or in one thought pattern bigger eye candy to bring people into the Studio 318 booth.

There are a lot of pieces waiting for matting as well, only a few of which are in the 28x36 range. Matting is good, as that rebuilds sale-able inventory. Something that is 20x25 cm (8x10) will mat up to 28x36 cm and a frame that size starts to be big enough to attract interest from a distance. There are a few pieces in inventory now that are framed to 20x25 (a 13x18cm or 5x7 print). Likely I will leave them there, however not hang them until or unless nearly all the larger is sold at an individual show/festival.

However, none of it gets done by itself. This may not be my favourite aspect of photographic art, and yet it needs doing. I am minded by this and other things on the docket of the lesson from my first art teacher, Dad. We discussed Michaelangelo's work, specifically his sculpture since that was Dad's main passion. Dad made the point that he'd spent time learning stone cutting in a quarry, learning technique for removing pieces and bits of stone from a block to achieve the piece he visualised and that likely resided within the block.

Sometimes, art is nothing other than hard drudgery type work.

It being that the rain is currently stopped, Houdini and I are going over to Studio 318 to do some drudgery.

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