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I thought about my mother this morning while downloading e-mail. Mom never did e-mail; my parents didn't own a computer though they certainly could have done so. No, it is something similar/different that raises this thought periodically.

Mom loved to receive mail. Every day that the time arrived for the postal carrier to deposit mail in our box, that time was important. Bills were good, because they were mail and we'd be able to pay them which would help other people. She became ecstatic if the mail came from someone we knew. But even junk mail was good. She would open it all and read it, then drop it into the trash bin.

I think she would have loved e-mail. After all, e-bills are still bills, and when paid they help someone out even if by providing a little bit for a paycheck. E-mail from someone known is still a joyous communication; well, except when it brings the sad news of life, and it is still a vital connection when it does that.

And I can picture her opening each and every spam notice before sending it to ethereal non-existence. I can hear her say, "Oh look, here's this unfortunate person in Nigeria that needs help remaining solvent, and moving their money into the U.S." Then the note would dissapeer.

Yes, I did receive mostly spam this morning. Why do you ask?

On another parental front, my father once taught me the difference between "want" and "like." Christmastime approached, and he commented about how I sounded asking for presents. "If someone asks," he said, "tell them you would like something. When you say you want something you sound greedy, and you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you don't receive it."

Over time, I've meditated on that topic, because sometimes it is more appropriate to say "I want" rather than "I would like to have." I want food and shelter for myself and family, I would like it to be a comfortable, spacious place. Want implies there is something one is willing to sacrifice to accomplish the satisfaction. I am willing to sacrifice some free time, selling it to hospital, to provide food and shelter for my family.

So, things I would like, things I want:

  • I would like a professional digital SLR camera; I want it to be a Nikon because I may capitalize on the lenses already owned.
  • I would like a dedicated film scanner (as opposed to a flat-bed scanner with a transparency adapter) because that will provide better scans of my film (negative, color negative, and color transparency); I want one which handles 120 mm film, because I use that format a lot.

But what is it I need to sacrifice when I say, I want the patience and perseverance to work through making those likes come to pass?


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