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Just A Brief Stop

Since Herselfs' iPhone started acting up a month or so ago, we've been discussing upgrades. After all, it's two years, so it's time according to Modern Business to do so. This despite the facts we like a lot of things about the old iPhone (3, nice form factor in the hand, been a dependable beast over most of the haul). Then last weekend while trying to phone in a breakfast order while setting up at Haile Farmers Market, my phone rebooted itself, and when it came back up said 'You Have No Contacts.'

Well, yes, actually, I do, rather a few of them in fact. Good news, yes my backup is current and yes the contacts are backed up. After the years over time I spent studying the Tao of I.T. if I learned nothing else, I learned Backup Yer Backups, Eh!

Bad news, trying to upgrade via Provider Web Site, provider would not verify our Physical Address as a real place. Despite, mind you, various shipping concerns being able to deliver to us quite regularly for the past 27 years or so. UPS, in fact, very easily made the transition from 'Kuma's Playpen, A Ranch, N. Cty Highway' to '14650 N 100 St' when County established the 911 Address Grid. The only concern which doesn't (yet) deliver here is the USPS because we've not put a box out at the road, since we used (still do)a P.O. Box address for mail.

Good news, when I explained this on Tuesday at the Provider Brick & Mortar Store, not only did I get a nice price on the replacement/upgrade phones, they happily tossed in the equivalent OtterBox outer cases we use on the 3's for the new 4S phones, free. Thanks.

More good news, Herself is even happier with new OtterBox ('Oooooo, it's Red!').

Good news, most everything from the previous backup did install onto new phone. Had to re-enter some passwords on various apps, no worries.

Bad news, since the Contacts backup is in Microshaft Proprietary Format 'Contacts' vile (why yes, that is a deliberate mis-use of the word), Apple iTunes will not talk to it to retrieve the data and the new phone still told me 'You Have No Contacts'.


I know there are alternatives for the backup. Will investigate as we go onward and upward and ever round and round the mulberry bush.

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