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State of the Studio and Artist

This past week felt slower, rather delightfully considering the build-up to the Spring Arts Festival. Mostly I've covered some of the Ranch things which need covering and which we postponed temporarily for the Arts Festival. One of those items didn't occur this week, it should though tomorrow. We both helped out some friends who need it, our partners in the Farmers Market booth. And other routine chores around the House.

Today with the weather being rather wetter, I worked inside Studio 318. Matted two of Herselfs pieces for inventory, framed another for her personal use, and framed up a piece which sat there waiting for quite a while, I am ashamed to admit. It is a piece from the Healing Art series and this particular copy goes to the friend who helped create it. In the long run, this is part of the plan, that this one copy, in the frame specific because it hung on the wall for the making of the original source, would go to her to hang in that same place.

Now it can. Tomorrow, though, since it's raining now.

recursive series #1
The piece is Recursive Series #1, and the plan from the beginning involved composite work, though fairly simple composite. Hang the frame, with a mat cut to the size of the end print, above the model while she did her part. Then, in post production, composite the chosen image into the open space in the framed mat on the wall, and again, and again...

Next show will be in May, so there's time to get ready. More pieces to mat, label, and sleeve. Going to concentrate on Herselfs work first, though I may pull one of mine out of the To Be Matted portfolio to make an early attempt at the greeting cards we're contemplating. Probably will, actually, pulling Saint Squrrl because he is quite literally begging to be on greeting cards.

Steady progress will be the best.

There is also some work to be done regarding the booth pavilion setup itself, thought that's got to wait for less rainy weather than we experienced today. Time for that too, so long as I don't forget.

Meanwhile, it's getting on to dinner time for the humans. The Border Collie Bros already ate their dinner. Houdini is telling me tonight should be an indoor night because the Sky Grumblers are hunting him, and likely for him it will be.

But, we don't spoil our dogs. No. We don't.

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