madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

'Twas a Wet And Dreary Saturday

At least until late afternoon, when the sky began to clear and sunlight came through.


My new printed cheques (the corrected versions) for the Studio account arrived on Friday. This morning I started going through an old wallet, examining it to determine the remaining serviceability in the old leather and cloth. I knew I'd used it some time ago. This one holds a photo sleeve, with an old portrait of Herself (by a professional studio, not me), a godson, a niece (now estranged) as a baby, and other information.

It also holds memories from the 2001 New Zealand trip. Sixty-five dollars in NZ cash, a receipt for my opal bolo tie & slide, notes made at various points including the work and home phone number for the sister of my nursing acquaintance here in the States, receipts from the National Bank when we cashed travelers checks, business cards for a few local business in Chch. Oh, and my old USN Fleet Reserve ID card.

I will likely leave it to continue serving as the time capsule it is, rather than start using it as the checkbook wallet for Studio. However, this decision may change. And, there are things in there to be used, somehow, in the creation of art.

Meanwhile, the cheques are in the same leather wallet I use for the cash pool when actually running the booth. This may or not be a good plan, and mostly means I may need a means to keep the cash separate from this wallet while running the booth.

Work Progress

Bit of research into scanners for the Studio. I need to walk through Studio current and note the make/model of the one I've got, which is a Hewlett Packard scanner.

Cheque written, checklist completed, all inserted into envelop for the Micanopy Fall Festival application. To be put into the mail tomorrow. Thus I can check off something on Studio paperwork to do.

Sunday Progress, Not Studio

Other than walking through did nothing in Studio. No mat cutting, no backing board cutting. All the chores for the day involved Ranch. Now, that is a good thing too, because now we've got one more chicken tiller unit. It's not complete, still needs at least two hatches cut in and mounted, one in a side wall, one in the top. It is a 1.2 wide and high by slightly less than 2 metre long unit, so a good size for a rooster or two, or a rooster and a couple hens.

The top is the new, heavier gauge wire fabric and that wire does not cope well with being bent to wrap around things. So from here out, perhaps some wrapping but mostly the tops will be put on with cage clips. And, after I use up the last of the lighter gauge wire bottoms (already cut) it will be the bottoms as well. I think I might be able to get away with a single bend-over to help, but no twist cinching. Even with a single bend, it will require clips.

Art Work, Art Show Related

Hospital is hosting a Nurses Week exhibit of artwork by nurses who work at Hospital. It is a few hours long exhibit, one day only, and only an exhibit. No sales to take place. I brought in Last Transport to Clarkesville for display.

More Progress, Some Studio

More matting done, and as much as I'm going to get done, probably, before the weekend show. I'm off Hospital on Friday, but that's for Ranch chores and then setup at the site. Saturday morning off early to finish setup, and do the festival. I've brought the matted pieces to the House, with labels for the backs and sleeves for the pieces. It is another 10 pieces to add to inventory. Not a lot, and still good.

After the festival, time to break down the Mat Station for a bit, and clean up for a couple shoots.

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