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The State of the Artist Secedes... No Not Really

On this day in History, the Battle of Belleau Wood began. Elements of the U.S. Marines advanced to drive elements of the German army out of a well-entrenched position in the wood of the name, and moved along to (eventually) one of the many nick-names by which Uncle Sam's Misguided Children are also known. Purportedly this nick-name was bestowed upon them by the Germans, or specifically one of the German commanding officers. And while there is some leeway in the accuracy of this, the name stands. Oo-rah, Devil Dogs.

I keep thinking I'm not doing so well on my goal of posting once a week on artistic endeavors. Fact is, I am getting something down even if not always about art. Then again, basic lessons from my first teacher of art, Dad. Yah gotta take care of Daily Living if yah wanna make art.


Daily living includes the usual Rounds here on the Ranch, and on days I don't go to Hospital that means helping with Morning Rounds (Border Collie Bro attendance) and Evening Rounds. This being Monday, Herself is off to Town of Tioga Farmers Market, so Evening Rounds will be myself and the Bros checking on Cows, Ms. Truffles Pig and teh Horses.

In between lots of other things can happen. At least today, some of that (also before) did involve art-related work. This morning while consuming Morning Coffee I worked through a half-dozen of Herself's images prepping for Big Prints. There are still pieces in preparation inventory to mat and mount, however I feel she needs a handful more Big Prints framed, and then matted and added to Sale Inventory. First, get the images print ready. Then burn to CD. I made this task easier on myself by selecting some of her more popular images which she already prepped for printing, and scaled the image sizes up. Tomorrow I'll drop the disk off at Flair Lab on the way home from Hospital.

There is a wee deadline on this, because we shall be doing a month-long exhibit at The Doris here in Hoggetowne, in the room where members of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association are provided space on a month basis. It being a bit of a show (the pieces are listed for sale if such is the case) I want those larger prints framed up. Good to work to a bit of a deadline. Keeps me motivated. Literally.

On my own side, I've been sorting through photographs made two and a bit weeks ago, which by the end of this week I want to have watermarked and prepped to burn to disk and send to the model. At that point, I'll also be looking at posting some of those to the web, since the images provided to the model are going to be web-ready.

That's the Art accomplished today, and if it isn't creation of new things, it is work on projects that need completion. Which also reflects one of Dads lessons: making art is often continuing slogging through the work side of it, not always the Thrill of Creation. Well, OK, some of that slogging may still involve the Creation Thrill.

After feed and water time, and lunch for us, and before loading Forrest Nissan Pickup for Market, I fired up LittleJon Deere. The business with the battery mentioned last week is not a horrible ending, since charging up the battery does keep it going. However, letting LittleJon sit for more than a couple days or so and we'll see that battery needing to be recharged before he'll start on turn-over. We'll replace the battery eventually, sooner rather than later. But it's not a bad thing to 'force' ourselves to start and run him for a bit. After all, we're now into Summer here in North Central Baja Jorja, and lots of things want to Grow Grow Grow. Running a 1.5 metre (five-foot) mower over it helps discourage rampant uncontrolled growth.

It also makes it easier to walk about on the other Daily Rounds since a lot of that mowing creates the paths to the Goats, the Cows, the Hogs and such.

And, in fact, it is about now time to go gather up the Bros for the Evening Rounds walk-about.

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