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Testing, Testing

One of the aspects of being a Geek RN is testing the system. This is obviously true when one looks at initial implementation or upgrades, but it is also the case with changes in routine. So for the past two days, I've been looking at how some of those changes in routine are working.

Without TMI, there's nothing Blood & Guts about this, it's looking at the financial side of the program. There are a number of test cases scheduled, and I'm putting in charges. My colleage scheduled the cases. Now, when I schedule tests, I tend to use the characters from one of my favorite animated series. My colleague is a bit less out there.

So for the past couple of days, the Test family (i.e. Family Name = "Test") have had a run of bad luck.

What's truly bizarre, though, is my colleague is not one of the world's best spellers. OK, no worries. It's that the mis-spellings for some common words as given names... remind me of certain, current naming conventions from one cultural group of our society.

I sure hope Diasster Test get's better.

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