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State of the Artist

This week the state of the artist is... Sore. Achy.

My brother-in-law calls the part of the world where we live (not him, he and sis live elsewhere) the Land of Wet. This time of year North Central Baja Jorja lives up to the description, and this year is doing so with a vengeance. We've received, by our measurement tools, nearly 25 cm (10 in) of rain in the past two weeks alone. The porches to the two house buildings, Big House and Studio are all made from wood; it's economical and I can work it. Get it wet long enough, with the ambient humidity we also deal with, and wood starts getting overgrown with moss, algae, and just generally slimy slippery stuff.

I'd commented to Herself that it's about time for me to wash off the stairs. Sweeping them off wasn't helping much anymore, since with all the rain mostly they stayed wet anyway. The routine includes a pause at the top of the stairs (going up doesn't seem to be as hazardous) to remind myself slippery, careful. And I still managed to slide off one step yesterday carrying laundry over to the laundry room in Studio.

Part of my thought process at the time included 'Well, that's not what I wanted to do'. Part of it marveled at how slow-motion everything seemed to be. And I relaxed into it; one of the few things which seems to remain with me from a study of Aikido decades ago is taking a fall. All of it until I connected with the ground went airborne, and the laundry basket apparently moved my center of gravity over enough to contribute to this. Tucked and rolled soon as my feet touched, and that laundry basket came back to greet me as I rolled.

Might be that helped break the fall. Definitely broke one of the handles on the basket. Side is sore where basket and I connected. Nothing worse apparently. Got up, spilled clothing back into the basket, and carried on getting the laundry going.

And yes, I did scrub off the stairs shortly after that, thank you. They feel much less slippery now.

Houdini is enjoying being 'Indoor Dog Exclusive' though he still does show behaviour that he's looking for Squrrl occasionally. Keeping up with beating down fleas, we've discovered he actually likes Herself's goat-milk soap (one of the ingredients). Specifically, coffee which helps with the itching, and the lye the fleas don't much like either. Unlike commercial anti-flea shampoos, he doesn't run off to roll in whatever after getting lathered up with the goat-milk coffee soap...

In other news, attended the Opening Reception this past Tuesday for the GFAA 90th Anniversary show (and fundraiser) Art for All Seasons. There is a lot of good art there, and not simply for the reason you might see mine, or Herselfs, and decide to buy those pieces I encourage everyone local (and by local here, I may include up to two hours away so Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, eh) to come and see it.

There were prizes awarded for Best In Show, and in assorted categories for first through third places. As is my wont I usually go back to view the winners as a teaching/learning moment and this time around no exception. Nearly all of the recipient pieces I agree with personally and when I first looked at them marked them in my mind as Really Good Art. One exception, an individual I know (not well) through Camera Club #1 of the two we once attended. I think there were better photographs than this one to be selected, however I wasn't one of the judges.

I will say, tight, crisp focus on metallic objects, interesting lighting which didn't overpower coloured highlights are likely what the judge did like, and yes a good photograph. I just think there were others which I liked better.

Other than the free-fall experience there isn't a lot new. One of the cows produced a new calf in the past couple days, which means if all goes well there will be beef for someones dinner, somewhen. Grass is growing, boy howdy with all this rain, so the critters (most of them) are getting enough to eat. Keeping up with a few others, showing signs of wet stress (goats do not like wet; no they do not) which makes them more susceptible to parasites or other disease vectors. Haven't lost anyone so far, though there are several off the market due to being medicated.

As for any new artwork, not so much. Been trying to keep up with things outside on the Ranch. Not too much longer and the weather should start to change. We shall see.

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