madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

State of the Artist

I've been conspicuous in absence the past couple weeks, between working on things on the Ranch and working at Hospital. Though I did take an extra day off last week from Hospital that was to provide time for Herself to go to a food management class for certification. With that certificate, she will be able to use a Certified Kitchen without one of the owners/employees being present. With that certificate, a large door opens for things to do with our Ranch produce to be taken to Market.

Meanwhile, I did get prints back from the lab, which need to be matted and framed before Thursday. Thursday afternoon I am off to Necronomicon and the 'opening' of my Fall Art Season. I've one day to work at Hospital this week, so Wednesday will be busy with framing two to three pieces, then packing them up to hit the road. There isn't anything but one piece in this year which is brand new, and that because time seems to be claimed by other things, primarily Ranch things, deemed more critical.

Ah well.

Meanwhile, it is (I did mention those Ranch things, right) almost time to head out with Houdini to make Evening Rounds here on the Ranch.

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