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Saturn's Day

Houdini: Smudge, you seen Squrrl?
Smudge: He's already over at the site.
Houdini: OK, cool. Sorry I'm late, had to check the new kids out.
Smudge: How many?
Houdini: Two out in my paddock. There were three, but one of them didn't survive. I hope Mrs. Boss isn't too upset.
Smudge: Speaking of Mrs. Boss, here comes Boss and Mama...

Boss: Morning guys, you ready to go feed the critters?

*wagging tails and bouncing bouncing boingboing*

Boss: Where's Squrrl?

*boingboing boingboing wagging wagging wagging wagging bouncing bouncing boingboing*

Boss: Ok, lets go, he'll catch up.

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