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Made a few today, copied a few onto storage. Photographed a pair of moth wings found over at Caprihaven/Devonshire. Abdomen of moth gone, head and thorax remain holding wings together. I call them 'sketchbook' photos and still they are likely useful as building blocks. More photographs pending, the wings are set with another pair which I need to photograph as well.

This is part and parcel with my one lesson. If the most useless tool one owns is the one not present when needed, then also using the best tool present and not putting off making some photographs is beneficial. It is also an interesting point to me, as to what are the capabilities of the wee point and shoot digital. A tripod might have helped, yet there is no noticeable blur in an enlarged view of the pictures. I looked at shutter speeds as I worked and some of the images shutter proved as slow as 1/30 second. Yet hand-held, on macro setting, as mentioned no noticeable blur.

All three of the digital point and shoots I've owned provided excellent photos. There are (or were, in the case of two worn out cameras) limitations; slow focus lock could lead to not getting the photograph one wanted. Not so great perhaps on action shots, and perhaps contributed to by the owner operator(s) not selecting the 'Action' mode. Low-light capabilities are limited as well. Frame capture and storage speeds noticeably slower than a DSLR or a film camera, yes, and keeping that in mind provides one of the measures for when to replace batteries. The longer it takes to write, the older the batteries are likely to be.

Some of this is driven by my looking through photographs lately. It is one thing to make a lot of photographs, and another to then go through them. I do use the More is More feature/aspect of shooting digital, and also find myself working to keep the overshoot aspect under control, not shooting tons of photos. It's an approach from shooting film; limited rescource space as it were and so pay attention to the piece.

I've been carrying the point and shoot in the belt pouch we found for it some time back. That does reflect the most useless tool lesson, and always therefor have a camera with one. May not possess the speed and image size of the digital single lens reflex, however it is lighter and present.

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