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Friday 13 On a Monday!

I remember fondly Pogo by Walk Kelly, and one of my more favourite memories of the gang from the Okeefenokee is someone running around when the 13th of a month fell on some other day than Friday. Often they decried that it fell on a Sunday, but any day would serve.

Today (somewhat related as a State of the Artist) it is pertinent to me due to another date, the Ides of October. We filed an extension on our income taxes back in April. Close is good in horse shoes, hand grenades and thermonuclear devices. Doesn't work with the Tax Man though. And of course then I procrastinated until Oh Look Deadline. Apparently though the only thing I actually procrastinated about involved transcribing the mileage log from Forrest Nissan Pickup. Once I completed that, stepping through the process using tax preparation software (I happen to use TurboTax, I have used HR Block as well in the past) took less than 10 hour. Not bad for the 1040 with W2, two Schedule C forms (one for the Art, one for Herself), a Schedule F for the Ranch (which is where the mileage for Forrest comes in to play) and dividends reporting.

This year we also received a credit for the roof repairs last year to the Big House, since the materials we chose qualify for energy conservation.

So now that's done, printed, ready to sign and mail off. We do need to mail it as well, since a Schedule F for Farm can not be e-filed. Why not, I wonder? After all, connectivity is coming to the most rural of places, whether by land or by sky. However, by snail post it is to go.

This means, of course, that taxes aren't really over... it's time to start working up the bits and pieces for the 2014 taxes. ::sigh::

I can though commit more time to working on matting up current work for two more upcoming Art Festivals. In three weeks time we shall be at the Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival. If you are local (and yes, folks over in Tampa/St. Pete or Orlando or Jax, this is relatively local to you) come on over and see the Festival on Saturday / Sunday November 1 & 2. Studio 318 will be in Booth #49. Along with matting up those pieces, I need to work up a bit of my own publicity blurb for folks at Hospital. Likely I shall work on that on Thursday Morning.

I need to but up a posting about the other pieces that went off to the Necronomicon Convention Art Show (with Pretty Pictures) however that too shall wait. Herself is off to Tioga Farmers Market just now, and I've got Puppy Watch and Ms. Vel will need time to run outside here shortly. We'll combine this with Evening Rounds so Mr. Houdini can continue showing her the routines. She's growing and growing, weighed in at 10 kg for her 10 week clinic office visit. This is the point when the Humane Society likes to neuter those pets which will be adopted, but Vel is now bigger than their facility can handle. So she's going to need an appointment over at the University College of Veterinary Medicine for that. She's already outgrown the two smaller travel crates for transport in vehicles. Gonna be a big dog is Ms. Vel.

On that note, time to post this and head out and about.

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