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Monday Morning

Smudge: Guys, it was great! It was Tony Tiger great. The fire department showed up.
Houdine: Say what?
Smudge: Yeah, the humans that meet there, they all stood together and started singing and waving their books around. I heard "Out, ye demons" a lot, they kept repeating it. Then all the shaved dudes started squirming all over each other and rolling toward the humans, and the humans ran away. A little while later, the fire department showed up and started hosing the dudes down... and they just got into it! They'd roll around in the streams and stand up and get knocked over and come back for more!
Squrrel: You mean like when Boss or Mrs. Boss play Hosewater with us?
Smudge: Yeah, but these are way bigger hoses, Squrrel. It was soooo cool!
Houdini: Chill, guys...

Boss: You guys ready to go feed the critters?

*wagging wagging bounce bounce bounce*

Boss: OK. Let's go. Munch? You coming?

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