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I wonder what happened?

Ran into town again today, to do some laundry (two single objects which will not fit into our washing machine, and so need to go into a laundry mat to use the oversize one), and pick up Pepsi for SWMBO. It is a good thing she owns stock.


Coming home, I got a look at the little church next door. It doesn't look like a church from the outside; this is a poor, rural evangelical congregation. They've done all their own work to build this church, and I'm told that the interior is where they concentrated on making it look good. As I mentioned, several times during the summer, they'll hold a weekend-long retreat camp, and it includes a lot of singing and such.

Something happened there this past weekend. Originally I thought it was one of those retreat camps. This seems not to be the case. Part of the roof is missing. They've covered it a bit with tarp. I did get a photograph, but I'm having trouble getting a connection to my photo on-line storage that I use to "bank" things for use on LJ.

And, the grass is way more beat down than I've ever seen after one of their retreats.

And, my other next-door neighbor tells me the fire department and the sheriff deputies were there. The congregation members were saying something about their church being infested with three-foot tall leathery demons, thousands of them, with tails and teeth and webbed feet.

Webbed feet?


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