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A Tax Holiday

Baja Georgia is having a tax holiday for selected hurricane related supplies. This includes things like batteries (we've a good stock, but doing inventory there are packs in there probably no longer functional) not including auto or deep-draw marine batteries, tarps, coolers, petrol cans, oh, and other odds and ends.

Also portable generators, up to a certain capacity. We purchased two today, one which is covered by the tax holiday, and one (a much larger one) which is not. The larger one won't be delivered for a week or so, and then we'll need to wire it into the house. However, it will provide enough current to keep the ceiling fans working, the refrigerator working, the hot water heater working.

Did you notice the well pump is not on that list?

One of the things about KP ranch is that the pump is on it's own meter, which helps to keep track of how much electricity we use to water the livestock but not totally, since the house is on the same pump. That's what the second, smaller generator is for. Keep the water moving. It won't keep the water moving constantly if we experience similar power outages as last year. It will, however, preclude our needing to haul water in 55 gallon drums to water the livestock. And, in conjunction with the second generator for the house, provide for hot showers after taking care of the ranch work.

Might not seem like much to you...

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