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Looks Like Rain

I am going to feed most of the ranch critters anyway; at the very least the maternity goat pen and the hogs and the chickens... well, that leaves only the goat paddock and the cow paddock. Might as well feed them too.

Particularly if PolkaCow is still outside the paddock. She was yesterday evening, and her calf was calling her, but the stupid bovine wouldn't follow me through the gate. Mamma Munch had run off to go visit Michael (are you coming into heat again, Munch? Hmm?), and the boys were settled in on duty elsewhere. So if she's still in the home compound today, I may need to feed the cows to get her back into the paddock.

If it weren't that she's still nursing that calf, I might be saying: PolkaCow. It's what's for dinner.

There were fewer people out shopping yesterday than I'd thought would be. Perhaps that's because of the intensity of the rain. I am the kind of guy that really, really likes intermittent wipers to decrease the frequency of something waving in front of me, and I actually needed to go up to Low on three occasions during the drive. Nor was Sam's particularly crowded.

Picked up the two big coolers Ruthie wanted (150 quart coolers: we've used them to transport some of the smaller hogs to the butchers, we have), plus re-supply on batteries. Our inventory revealed that about one-quarter of our unused stock is over five years old. A few packages actually were starting to leak...

So now we're up on batteries, coolers, generators (the big one is still due to be delivered), a couple of tarps for backup (we've also got several on hand). Plus two cases of motor oil for all vehicles &/ internal combustion engines (truck, car, tractor, and now, generators).

And a splurge for myself, a 1 Gb card for the digital camera. Kin Yu Say, Lotsopeectures?

I was using a flat-bed cart for those two big coolers, and when I got into the checkout line was directed to a register at the end labeled "Flatbed." I explained to the floor (assistant manager?) person that the cashier who was there had just left, with cash bag in hand and receipt roll, disappearing into the office. They assured me they would send someone over, but insisted I get in line there with my flatbed. So, I did.

While I was waiting (and I thought about a couple of you LJ friends out there when this happened, but janetmiles you came to mind because this will be an example of a Truly Obnoxious Customer), a couple pulled up behind me with a standard shopping cart. Asked if the line was open.

Me: Well, I'm here because it's the flatbed register and I've got a flatbed cart, and they told me they'd send someone over.

TOC: OK, we'll just wait.

Me: Well, the sign here does say "Flatbed Only."

TOC: OK, we'll just wait. I mean what, they couldn't open up more registers?

(About half the registers, something like 10 or 11, were open.)

Along comes the Sam's cashier lady, who keys herself into the register, and starts scanning my items.

Cashier (to TOC): This is the flatbed register, sir, you'll need to go to one of the other lines.

TOC: What, it's a register, so what?

Cashier: It's for flatbed carts, sir, you need to have your items on a flatbed.

TOC: Well, what about if I just put them on the floor, huh? (Starts putting items on the floor) How about that? Is that good enough?

Cashier: You can put them on the floor if you want, but they need to be on a flatbed to go through this register.

TOC Partner: Why can't we check out here? All the other registers are crowded. You're being rude.

This continued to escalate, and I was about to comment to TOC that I'd told him it was the flatbed register when TOC said

TOC: Look, lady, there's a storm coming and I don't have time for this.

Hmm. Currently, the outliers of the storm are here, the storm itself is making landfall at the edge of the Panhandle or in Alabama. There aren't any other storms out there yet. Commentary is going to go right over the head of this guy, and his partner, and I'm not wasting my time with him.

About this point also, one of the floor managers came over to talk to him, and he continued to give her a ration as well, and dumping onto the cashier who was taking care of me, and, well, the floor manager cleverly pointed out that there was indeed a flatbed right there and if he put his items on that flatbed he could check out here, but if he continued to make a scene and leave his items on the floor, she'd call the police because they didn't need customers like that here. To which,

TOC Partner: We're the customers!

My total was done, I swiped my debit card and approved the purchase (without any cash back, thank you), and said quietly to the cashier: For what it's worth to you, I heard you tell him, flatbed only. Thank you for taking good care of me.

I received a big smile for that one. Said the same thing to the floor manager too.

Sometimes, the customer isn't right.


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Jun. 12th, 2005 07:53 am (UTC)
And the really sad thing? I'll bet if they'd just gotten into one of the other lines, they'd have been up to the register by the time you were finished.
Jun. 12th, 2005 04:37 pm (UTC)
Very possibly. While it was moderately busy, the cashier's were moving people through quite expeditiously. I do recall seeing that the folks who had been just in front of me when I was shunted to the flatbed line, with three parties in front of them, were checking out and nearly done by the time I was.
Jun. 12th, 2005 11:55 am (UTC)
I'm just glad that you said something good to the cashier & the floor manager. We're always quick to jump all over someone when they do things wrong and too many people never bother with even a simple "Thank You" for the majority of the time when the job is done well.

I make it a habit to ask to speak with managers and supervisors when I've received good service. It always shocks the crap out of the person I'm dealing with when I ask to speak with their supervisor, but when I explain why, they're happy to comply.

A lot of companies reward employees when positive comments regarding their service are received. So, when you can, take the time to let a company know that their employee has done a good job. And when you don't have the time at least say "Thank You" with a smile.
Jun. 12th, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, absolutely! I usually try to remember to say "thank you" just to grease the social wheels. In this instince, not only was it earned it was necessary.
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