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Everyone was fed, and the rain held off until late afternoon.

This is a good thing, because Jasminedaughter Doe kidded yesterday sometime, during that rain, and with twins, a doeling and a buckling. As of this PM, mother and kids are doing fine. PolkaCow was back inside the paddock when I headed out to feed; I suspected she would be. I'm pretty sure I know where she's going over the fence (spot where a dead tree fell on it, so it's up but stretched out of shape). And she was out again in the afternoon.

Nurse that calf, Polka. Nurse her a loooooong time. Because once she's weaned...

Finished pulling up all the nasty old carpet and underlayer foam, as well as all those vicious carpet tack strips around the perimeter. One course of ply is down, across the north side of the room. This is another one which needed to be done soon after the carpet was pulled. I knew there was a soft spot inside the door due to water seepage. Turns out it's not a soft spot... it's a hole. So that's covered now. Hooray!

I see tell-tale marks of other water spotting on the particle board sub-floor, but I suspect spilled drinks and such. At least one of our tenants wasn't the neatest of individuals, or at least at the time. This becomes particularly curious, as he is now part of the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetary.

Took the older Nikon CoolPix over to the studio with me, because when I turned it on today... let me back up a bit. And some of this is truly wierd.

Last year, on the day my brother fell from the deck of SV <i>North Star</i>, while making photos with this CoolPix 4300, it became so hot I had to set it down; and it slid off the chair I set it on and thumped on the floor. Now, digitals will become warm to hot if one is making lots of photos in a fairly rapid succession, but this was much hotter than previous experience. And I didn't know at the time that my brother fell that day.

However, when I checked the camera after it hit the floor, it appeared to be functioning fine. But, when I tried making some photographs in Washington National Airport on the way to New York for John's funeral, no joy. Wouldn't write the image to the card. Images on the card, read no problem, uploaded to the laptop no problem. Wouldn't record a photograph.

Still wasn't working when I was getting ready for the New Orleans trip; hence the purchase of another camera (as if that is an odious duty for me).

Today, I called Ruthie at Mother Mary's house where she and siblings are in the process of doing Estate Sale for those things which no one claims. She reminded me to take the 4300 to the camera store, so it could be checked and go into the shop for repairs before the end of July. We're both off to a state-level nursing meeting for the last weekend in July; it's being held aboard a cruise ship, off to Key West and Cozumel. Rough life, I know, I'll just force myself to do this. We would like to have digital capability though. Last time we did a cruise, the line was really pissy about x-raying film regardless of ISO rating or exposuure.

I suspect that's related to them having a tiny photoshop on board, where passengers may purchase film and get it developed. Well, if one wants color prints. No color transparency, no black and white. Oh, and don't forget their own photographers running around the ship photographing the passengers so they can sell "mememtoes" of the trip. But I digress. We want digital capability by cruise time; may leave the film cameras home.

So I checked it out. And it recorded a photograph. Six of them, all together. But uploading them was a bit strange; at first the Nikon utility for this wouldn't recognize the card, then it did. Now the camera says the card is not readable.

OK, it goes to the shop tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch studio, I contemplated getting the next course of ply down on the floor, and opted not to. I am still feeling on the tired side, and while the cuts are not complex, there are two cuts on one piece, and a cut on the second piece, to either fit around wall structure or reveal the heat/AC vents in the floor. And while I want to get this done, I also want to retain all fingers, toes, et cetera rather than need to explain to my colleagues at hospital exactly why they're needing to reimplant said extremities on me.

Once that's done, though, there's one more course without major cuts, and then pieces to fill in the blanks of the jigsaw puzzle, mostly along the walls.


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